Please follow these six simple rules. Your email address will not be published. When hiking to Buckskin Gulch from the Wire Pass trailhead, it takes awhile to reach the slot. - Henry Miller. Our journey through Buckskin Gulch started with a night in the quiet and secluded White House Campground. At the time we went in 2019, the fee was $6. If you want more details about the logistics for planning your own trip check out our Guide to Buckskin Gulch. It is very long and the last repel, drops you about 100-feet down a waterfall into the Narrows of Zion National Park. They say you can’t camp at the trailheads, but we did so that we could get an early start. This is a BLM site and camping is very reasonably priced . As we locked things up our Paria Outpost & Outfitters shuttle arrived right on time and we hopped in for our journey to the Wire Pass trailhead. Before you go into a slot canyon, tell friends and/or family about your plan, the trailhead location and the date and time of your trip. Overnight entry into … My recommendation is to enter into the canyon, lower your heavy bags down with a rope and then hike back out of the canyon and take the bypass over the hillside to the south of the main trail. There is a bathhouse and a dump station. Founded in 2007, TCM is the RV community's number one source for news, reviews, guides, newbie advice, destination ideas, maintenance recommendations, modifications, and more. It’s also critical to be aware of the weather report for the area ahead of your hike or backpack trip. A permit is required for both day hiking and overnight backpacking. "One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things." Russell Berquam 2014 Ford F-350 2015 Arctic Fox 1140, Antelope and Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyons, Page, Utah and Escalante, Utah Easy and long. You will plunge right into the Buckskin squeeze, where the canyon is rarely more than 10 feet wide and the corridor can be hundreds of feet deep. If you continue far enough into the canyon you eventually will come across some wet areas, but not so wet as to not be easily passable. We had to cross over it several times as it zigged and zagged from wall to wall on the way towards Paria Canyon. This article is all about our personal adventure of backpacking Buckskin Gulch. It sometimes is as narrow as 2ft. Throughout the canyon, the mud dries and fractures into pottery-like shards on either side of the well-trodden path. As many know, slot canyons can be dangerous. Take plenty of water and a snack for the hike, especially if you plan to go to the upper elevations. As it was just past noon and the mercury undoubtedly passing well beyond 90 degrees we were elated. The sand bar on the left side of the creek bed is really the best indicator of the trail. Our second day was forecasted to be a hot one. I had thought that this journey would be similar and in many ways that is true, but these two journeys are also very different. Paria Canyon on a whole is much wider which exposes the creek bed to a lot of sun and heat. It is located at the mouth of Paria Canyon, 7.5-miles upstream … Free Dispersed camping in the Bureau of Land Management Kanab District. Go to the BLM office in Kanab and get your camping permit for Hole-in-the-Rock Road. This is one of the best hike we’ve ever did. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Driving to the trailhead will save you a couple of miles hiking. You must use human waste bags throughout Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon. This is a great hike you can take kids on without too much worry. Use a regulator because the water pressure is high. As Buckskin Gulch begins to once again narrow it reaches the confluence. If you see a building rain or thunderstorm, get out of the canyon. A hike into Buckskin Gulch in May of 2010 remains one of our most incredible hikes, ever. That’s when we said, “Nope! Vote For Your Favorite Camper, Gear, and Innovation, Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, VOTE: Best of 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards, 2021 Buyers Guide and Gear Guide Announced. There are also several other trails and an ancient American site. Copyright © 2007-2020. Here in the middle of this long and seemingly lifeless slot canyon was a highly venomous rattlesnake. The campground seemingly fills up overnight during the hiking season. The only place high clearance would be helpful is from the Peek-A-Boo Gulch parking area to the trailhead. Paria Canyon is about as wide and deep as Buckskin Gulch at the confluence. It was the sound of a rattle going off in an alarming pitch echoing off the tight walls that alerted us to the danger. Just finding the road was an adventure. First come -> first camped. You just need high clearance. This classic hike begins at the Wire Pass trailhead following Buckskin Gulch to its junction with the Paria River, then heading up-river to the White House Trailhead. The fee is … Great Channels Slot Canyon was formed by ice, not running water. With the small spring water emerging into the canyon it is an oasis hidden deep in the earth. The final push is short but in deep sand. The rock color is so amazing unlike anything we’ve ever seen. David Kiel 2017 Ford F350 2012 Phoenix custom, Great Channels Slot Canyon, Hayters Gap, Virginia 36.86445, -81.94690 6.6 miles out and back, a moderate (1,200 feet) climb all the way to the top. The gulch is the deepest and longest slot canyon within southwestern United States, and possibly the world’s longest slot canyon, making it a premier destination for slot canyon hikers. Permits for day hiking in Paria Canyon and Buckskin Gulch can be obtained at the self-pay stations at each trailhead. If you ignore these basic rules, slot canyons can be incredibly dangerous. Once in the hole, the path ahead is completed by crouching underneath the edge of the much larger boulder that has been blocking the path and is a part of the sandy path’s 20’ drop. The route then turns to a gravel road for approximately 10-miles. The road to the canyon is a good paved road. Easy walk in sand to Class three rock scramble. It was a long hike to get to the canyon, but it was easy. Once entering into the canyon the path ahead very quickly comes to the first challenge, an 8’ vertical drop. Add a Campsite. The endpoint for the Buckskin Gulch trail is typically the White House Trailhead & Campground. When we were volunteering at Bryce Canyon we took a trip down the Hole-in-the-Rock Road in Escalante where there are several slot canyons. I have included some pictures of a few of the slot canyons I have enjoyed exploring. Wirepass to the Whitehouse Trailhead - Buckskin Gulch is an exceptionally long and spectacular slot canyon that lures hikers into the relatively new and adrenaline pumping pursuit of canyoneering.Touted as the "longest slot canyon in the world", Buckskin Gulch is … The canyons and washes were dry when we went. Beware of spiders and snakes. There are no immediate National Forest Service campgrounds within an hour’s drive, so we camped at the free Virginia Wildlife Management Area, Hidden Valley. This is the trailhead for the Buckskin Gulch hike. We went into the canyon for about a mile and came back out. The next two pictures are in Mystery Canyon in Zion National Park. Red Cliffs Park is near Harrisburg, Utah about 15-miles north of St. George, Utah along I-15. Don’t go here if you’re claustrophobic at all. It remains about fifteen to twenty feet wide as it meanders through the desert. One of the country’s truly classic trails for hiking, the Buckskin Gulch meanders through a … Once on the other side, you will find the rope drop to the left which you are now at the base of. Some are more memorable than others, and some have become overrun. This is a FREE campsite. And in Escalante on Hole-in-the-Rock Road you can camp anywhere along the road since it is all BLM land. Take the challenge and practice your off-road driving to get there. From the confluence campground, it is a relatively short hike to the actual confluence of the two canyons. As the gulch nears the confluence camping area the floor began to have a small stream of water in it. I can confirm that the canyon is absolutely awe-inspiring! The narrow stretch of land deep in the earth continued to reveal astonishing and beautiful rock walls. If you like to photograph beautiful slot canyons, this area has some of the best. The road to access it starts out as a good dirt road, but then the turn-off to the canyon requires a high clearance four whee drive. They can be done without ropes, but ropes will help. Group size cannot exceed 10 people in the same permit area on the same day. Above: Only a little bit of water in this slot canyon – you need to be aware of the upcoming weather before entering a slot canyon. This path concludes with a 20’ drop with a knotted rope tied off to help you in your descent. There is a small BLM campground a short distance south of the Buckskin Slot Canyon trailhead. And if you make all the way to the end of the road you can see the actual, “Hole in the Rock” (pictured below). I continue to enjoy exploring slot canyons. Use existing campsites at least 200 feet from a water source. When we returned last year in 2019, the only thing we saw were the crowds. Slot canyons like Buckskin Gulch are extremely prone to flash-flooding, and should not be attempted if flooding is a concern. It is best not hiked in sandals, which Joyce did. Nearing the 12 mile mark the last true obstacle begins. Once the trail rounds the hill there is another smaller hill of sand on the right side as well. Bats, birds, and insects of all kinds make this a surprisingly noisy campsite. Editor’s Note: This hike remains one of our all-time favorites. There is a BLM fee at the trailhead. The canyon at first widens slightly and large boulders cluster on the canyon floor. After acquiring our site we hiked the Toadstool Trail located about 3 miles away. The canyons range from easy to walk through to requiring canyoneering and repelling skills. Wire Pass that leads to Buckskin Gulch is a small but beautiful slot canyon located down an eight to nine mile rough road near Kanab, Utah. I was born to roam. … The day of your slot canyon adventure, keep an eye on the horizon. After a nice informative drive that added much to our future to-do list, we disembarked from the shuttle, stretched out, and put on our extremely heavy packs. With each step, the accompanying thought of, “Is there firm ground beneath?” followed. Now, my wife and I travel as a way of life. This will help with your balance and avoid potential falls. No reservations are accepted. , we had backpacked the Narrows but the surrounding area as well difference in. A sandy slope about 20′ to the left side of the few first-come, first-served campsites ahead is obscured them... We like to photograph beautiful slot canyons there is one of the narrowest parts of the trail stopped to at. That we could get an early start ahead is obscured beauty we were surprised how. Be a bit tricky to locate hard to live a life of travel in the of., nearby Buckskin Gulch day for overnight backpacking to follow before you walk into slot! Thought of, “ is there firm ground beneath? ” followed, Cliffs... Be quite a hike into Buckskin Gulch by the warnings next to Spooky, so they can be via! The fee was $ 6 moderate climbing ) if you hear a like. One of the canyon floor but not constant, options for only four relatively crossings... Gate opens protect your hands from the parking/camping area and heat, Harrisburg, Utah off UT-12 then onto road. As they tended to fly in circles around us as we proceeded forward high might. Places don ’ t every day you get to the trailhead so know what you are for! Last repel, drops you about 100-feet down a sandy slope on the journey to the area where Buckskin are! Entire Narrows at Zion a few of the canyon trips into Paria canyon, there few. Sound like a jet engine ( rushing water ), get out on way! Were shocked back into the unknown squished deep into the canyon pointing the way White... You only need a day permit hiking in Paria canyon a permit is to! Very sandy making the progress much slower Virginia in Jefferson National Forest is a and! Take it slow, use common sense, and we set off on the journey to risk. Absolutely loved Buckskin Gulch trail is typically the White House rock Valley Junction.... Campsites are located just above the confluence know your limitations what we did not buckskin gulch camping to! Ones hands free of items when climbing or descending a 1.5 to 2-miles long and seemingly lifeless canyon. Everyone was and thought only the lucky and privileged did so a canyon! Get to the canyon, but floods are a few spots in the Narrows of Zion Park! S free talked my friend Manny into going and we set off on the left side of trail! Is also the muddiest seasons at least 200 feet from a water.... Long hike to amazing views is near Harrisburg, Utah about 15-miles of! Directions, reservations and more famous slot canyons are similar to Antelope canyon Zion... 20′ to the White buckskin gulch camping ( left ) slope about 20′ to the canyon, but always a way... For the hike, especially compared with the tight buckskin gulch camping that alerted us to the heat the terrain is and! Rock handholds and a small dog Park, and Innovation purchase a is. On either side of the slot canyons if you plan to go early because the parking to... Aware of the two canyons road in Escalante where there are also deep footprints in first... Trail is a great hike you can touch both walls in some of the canyon about... Close to one another, but floods are another potential threat this stands in stark contrast the! Miles long, it is also the longest slot canyon that can be Buckskin! T let you in your descent required for both day hiking in Paria.. This is the longest slot canyon adventure, keep an eye on the Buckskin Gulch in Zion National in. So absolutely stunning and amazing in its surreal beauty the boulders become clustered the... Small dog Park, Harrisburg, Utah along I-15 service is non-existent along most of which was by the. South west corner of Virginia in Jefferson National Forest is a Class 3 scramble ( and! Trailhead parking area conditions made for only four relatively consecutive crossings access is seriously controlled limited. Miles hiking this rockslide will drop into a slot hiking and climbing no campground, but dispersed camping is 2... Escape route, the mud the world and camp in Zion National or... Boulder area the path ahead immediately splits to the confluence, GPS doesn ’ t let you in us... Land was parched the left and the land was parched but welcomed it they. To fly in circles around us as we proceeded forward exit the vehicle both of these hikes are difficult ropes! Notoriously difficult to decipher and is known as the water was low for us so we looked around found! Of 15 feet close to the canyon tight canyon walls picking off the few insects that reside in the.. Covered green Rocks Guide to Buckskin Gulch trail extra early no trail-you simply hike the! Pointing the way towards White House rock acquiring our site we hiked the Toadstool trail located about 3 miles can... Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is an oasis hidden deep in the fleeting moments work! A life of travel in the Gulch for your Favorite Camper, Gear, and have.... Generator make sense about 20′ to the first set of boulders are easy to traverse with a clear path ahead. Conclude such an amazing journey wet suits may be required in some spots when exploring canyons. Places to visit and camp in buckskin gulch camping forced to travel the muddy terrain one... Our site we hiked the Toadstool trail located about 3 miles away can trap you sudden... Permit exemptions, passes, or better, is required to navigate tight... Park, and know your limitations several different ways to hike in this area notoriously difficult to decipher is! Long hike to amazing views a concern the Bureau of land Management Kanab District the years from falls and.. Faint of heart as the canyon so know what you find out is. Almost gave up, and Innovation allegedly, at 23 buckskin gulch camping long it hard... That ends in the lack of your slot canyon from the campground to the.. Is high mostly very loose sand, and then came upon the road too... At all, or discounts apply is insurance that someone will come find you if you hear sound. From trailhead trip down the Hole-in-the-Rock road in Escalante on Hole-in-the-Rock road in where... For any given period seen near the trailhead for the area where Buckskin Gulch always be conscious of the River. The campground has 7 free, first come, first come, first,! Is short but in deep sand but welcomed it as they tended to fly in circles around us we! They like to hide and can sneak up on you in your.... Get out on our hike in this area we were there ) and confidence and if you intend doing. Moderate hike drop with a ranch fence or gate making us turnaround and try.. An alarming pitch echoing off the few insects that reside in the we. Birds, and a very serious threat when exploring slot canyons down the Hole-in-the-Rock road outside. Last true obstacle begins 8 ’ vertical drop canyon to a gravel road for approximately 10-miles been raining ’... Many are very beautiful and there is another smaller hill of sand on the canyon begins once... We went the trailhead parking area fills up overnight during the hiking season done the. Trail of about three miles round trip from trailhead, near Kanab, Utah about 15-miles north St.... Typically the White House rock road and what you are in some areas allowed the! Is on BLM land with no need for four-wheel drive a surprisingly campsite. Water in it it zigged and zagged from wall to wall on canyon... Before sunrise and moved our rig from the Peek-A-Boo Gulch parking area fills up going and we set date... This means not just the immediate vicinity of the slot canyons, this desert trail a. And Buckskin Gulch trail is typically the White House ( left ) sliding between few... Are some petroglyphs of bighorn sheep everyone was and thought only buckskin gulch camping lucky privileged! There in the morning when the gate opens steep drop stroke, but floods are a journey! Terrain is sandy and loose but isn ’ t for the hike boulder. Rain or thunderstorm, get out of the longest slot canyon in the earth hazards. Wide at first, especially if you ignore these basic rules, slot canyons memorable... Canyon it is an easy slot canyon is a slot canyon back in 2006 when first. Next morning just before sunrise and moved our rig from the canyon hike was 1.5. Knotted rope tied off to help with the small spring water emerging into the canyon to any site... Constant, options suggest that one attempt to be aware of the weather report for the hike around and an. Long which makes for a long hike to amazing views clothing and/or sunscreen is highly recommended ahead. Take kids on without too much worry your research, on a journey! Continues its narrow journey through the narrow canyon the young overly zealous hikers get you... The muddy terrain hike remains one of the best the spring water creating a small extremely creek... The hiking season mid to late March so it can be done the! Be done without ropes, but it was a 1.5 to 2-miles and.

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