You’d think he links with his boss to help mitigate some of this, and you’d in turn be disappointed, as his exclusive links are with the other Coora minions, both of which are R, and therefore something you won’t be using forever. Overall, he’s not going to blow your mind, but he’s better than you were probably expecting, too. Turtle School is alright and pops up in a few places, like any of  the Master Roshi cards, TEQ Jackie Chun, any of the SR Yamchas, or either of the SR Krillins, and Kamehameha is very good, and pops up damn near everywhere. High quality Dokkan Battle gifts and merchandise. A worse version of Resolute Valor in general, but still valuable, especially if you have Resolute Valor himself, or many of the other increasing number of PHY Super Saiyans. Awakened LR To an Exciting Future - … Kamehameha isn’t on a lot of other TEQ SRs — the mediocre Time-Traveling Evil 1st Form Cell has it, as does Top-Tier Training Goku, who won’t say no to using one of his few good links — but his best link partner is Mind-Body Mastery TEQ Master Roshi, and more notably, the unit that Roshi D-Awakens into, for +2 Ki and Kamehameha. One of the best cards of its kind among SRs, albeit partly because of his potential  partners, but even on his own, his passive has great synergy with his leader skill. Think about it: You both have to be getting your ass handed to you, and have to avoid healing yourself against something that’s handing you your ass, to make use of them. Even then, +25% ATK isn’t anywhere near good enough for something so specific. SSR All-Out Clash! Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid) – Talent From Dad. If he had just a couple more things break in his favor, like a +Ki leader skill, he’d be in the middle of Tier 1, but such is not the case. You’d be forgiven  for tossing him even if he were your strongest option, and if he is, I hope you’re a new player. Game Cards List Categories Drops Schedule Inactive Extreme Z. If he isn’t serving this role, or isn’t with  18, though, you may be better off putting someone else on board. 闇をさすらう宇宙の壊し (Dokkan Event Turles) dragon ball z; dokkan battle; dbz movie; category leader; turles; the real goku black; lol; 37 notes . Overall, these guys are rated based on their potential, but the fact that you don’t have to pay for that potential ultimately means they can be reliably brought into your teams. The Dokfan Battle Wiki is a free-to-use wiki where users can create fanmade cards based on the battle cards featured in the mobile game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.It has 7,307 articles and 24,405 files. It’s honestly kind of silly how good this card is. Surprisingly decent leader skill, as the 20% extra HP is much more valuable than the  5% extra ATK you’d get from most leader skills at the SR level. On top of everything, he can also Dokkan Awaken himself into SSR Legendary Super Saiyan Goku, who while not amazing, comes with Super Saiyan, Golden Warrior, Saiyan Warrior Race, and Kamehameha, and will carry over the level 10 Super if you were so inclined, making him a useful stopgap as you build your roster. For a unit you’re guaranteed to get, Kid Goku is pretty solid. The Saiyan Lineage or Saiyan Warrior Race would be nice, but otherwise his links are great, with Super Saiyan and Golden Warrior being on plenty of strong units, and Z-Fighters being all over the place, with good units like Burning Spirit Yamcha, Respect to the Strong Tien, and The Saiyan Among Us Goku all carrying it. My go-to team for Dokkan Events has always been Super AGL, but with him being TEQ, that made it hard. Huh? The Saiyan Lineage is becoming more common, and a few good units have it, such as Ultimate Gohan, any Broly, either Kaioken Goku, and many non-Super Saiyans, like Determined Defender Goku, but unfortunately, he needs other TEQ units around to make the most of his passive, which is also a problem where his GT link is concerned, making GT Super Saiyan Trunks his optimal link partner. Their investigation shows they are … - Dokkan Awakening TEQ SSG Vegeta and PHY Trunks - Getting 1 Recoome for F2P Ginyu Force team. He of course also links excellently with Talented Son SS Kid Trunks, gaining +20% ATK, +500 ATK on top of that, and 1 Ki, and Talented Son itself is a good card, so if you have them both, consider using them on the same team. If you don’t have any use for him, he’s free Super level attempts for whatever other Super Saiyan Goku you fancy, including the PHY one that D-Awakens into Super Saiyan God Goku, so consider grabbing a few extra copies and the appropriate medals if that interests you. Valuable leader skill, and he’s a better unit by himself than Pure Corruption Dr. Gero, one of the other units with it, while his passive is the same as Future Android 17’s, but better, as it affects all units on his turn. Prodigies also shows up on most Vegeta, Piccolo, and Frieza  cards, the latter of which has two great units in TEQ. The source of this problem is Fifth, the more links all units share in common with the nuker, the better. 1/40: Damage received reduced by 10%: Tri-Beam - Causes extreme damage to enemy Details: Abandonment - With a … Majin Buu (Piccolo Absorbed) – Captured Wisdom. As it is, her links  are otherwise terrible, and her stats are quite poor, so it’s hard for her to contribute damage. Contribute today! Dokkan Battle Proud till the Last Tien, rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team. Bring him along if you need that extra push to get you over the hump against a boss, or just want to save some support items here and there. Finally, like all forms of Frieza, Despair’s Onslaught can Dokkan Awaken  into Golden Frieza when the Resurrection of F event rolls back around, which raises the frequency of his passive, makes him statistically more powerful, and gives him better links, but also lets him keep Prodigies and Universe’s Most Malevolent. He also has good link candidates, as while most of them aren’t great, there are a ton of PHY units with Tough as Nails, including  Heir to the Evil King Piccolo Jr., who also has Bombardment. HOW GOOD IS THE NEW NEW LR TIEN & CHIAOTZU BREAKDOWN! As mentioned, though, good PHY units aren’t exactly all over the place, so it may be worth keeping an extra copy of this guy if you get him and you have a use for him, because you can use both units on the same team anyway. Any Roshi card has that and Turtle School, including the STR one, and Burning Spirit Yamcha also has both links, while STR Kid Chi Chi has Mysterious Adventure, so he’s rarely hurting for someone to link with. This entry’s going to be a little different, as each SR Metal Coora is pretty similar outside of their passives, so it’s not really worth creating separate entries for each. Regardless, a heavy hitter that can put in some work. This unit’s true claim to fame is being able to have a hand in defeating the event Perfect Cell, though, via the associated link. His passive is good when it triggers, but more often than not, it’s a non-factor. Great leader skill, excellent passive, and very good stat line. Her passive is good, and unconditional, but she doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of utility. Now here’s a guy who’s earned his reputation; Imminent Showdown is as underwhelming  as you can get. Overall, he’s a poor man’s Fruits of Training SS2 Goku, which is pretty darn good, all things considered, and it doesn’t hurt that you can use them both, and link them. If she can somehow land on a team that has an SR or better Bardock and Proud Royalty King Vegeta, she’ll have strong value. His passive would be good if it went off  more often, but it doesn’t; you’ll probably forget about it even when it activates. I’m not responsible for whatever happens if you attempt that, by the way. Lastly, he recently received Thirst For Conquest, giving him a hefty hit of damage if he’s linked to SSR Demon King Piccolo, Coora, Boujack, Dastardly Space Pirate Chilled,  Pure Corruption Dr. Gero, and/or Embodiment of Evil 1st Form Frieza. SSR PHY SSJ … Dismal DEF aside, this unit offers some good utility, a lot of HP, and a +3 Ki leader  skill, which is extremely powerful. I am here on behalf of Fandom to assist this … His passive is nothing special, except for the fact that it contributes to his leader skill, turning him from one of the lower ATK reduction leaders to the highest among SRs, at least when it’s his turn. It’s also notable that both D-Awakening Great Saiyaman units eventually get a very uncommon link that specifically deals with a major event boss, so you should probably hang onto him even if you’re not caving faces in with him. Overall, he doesn’t stand out, but his ability to link with so many strong PHY SRs keeps him from obscurity. His best role is  regardless in AGL teams, although there are a ton of good AGL SRs, so he may have trouble finding a spot unless you have a unit that’s Ki-dependent, giving potential additional value to his passive. Strongest Duo On Earth can also be found on Stern Teacher AGL Piccolo, who is very good, and he also has Z-Fighters. This will allow your Super Saiyan Goku to deal some respectable damage — he’ll out-damage INT SSR SS Gohan and INT SSR SS Trunks if they’re at Super 1, for example — for relatively little effort, and it’s with this in mind that this otherwise pretty good unit ends up in the top tier. Instead, he can have a spot on Kamehameha teams, and there are several usable units that have this solid link skill, both of the AGL variety, and across the other types. EXTREME PHY EXTREME SUPER BATTLE ROAD! Raging Counterstrike Mecha Frieza. Leader skill gets a shrug, especially since his passive, which is very good and is buffered by his high ATK, requires Ki. He’s a utility man, though, and while he isn’t the best support character, but he can still prove valuable, because boy, does he hate your opponents’ DEF. DarkBuster22904 1 month ago #89. Fusions is broken af. Much like Fruits of Labor Krillin, he has bad stats, okay links, and a forgettable  leader skill, but it is for two types, so it can be decent in some situations. His passive is good, and not on an HP limit, but it pretty much requires you to use him on a team with the split it affects, and assuming you have Resolute Teen Valor Gohan, he’s generally the better man for a multi-type team anyway. Prince of Destiny is overrated because of  how hard he is to get, but if you have a team that he plays well with, he can be valuable. Good stat line, and surprisingly decent leader skill, as the 20% extra HP is much  more valuable than the 5% extra ATK you’d get from most leader skills at the SR level. Sponsored Link. That said, this Gero’s best role is identical to Future Forsaken’s, in that you probably won’t be using him for his exclusive links, unless you want to roll him with either of the above villain units and/or Engineered Evil 19 on a multi-type team. Poor stat line and mediocre leader skill, and while she has a lot of links, all of  them are either poor, or with poor units, except for Battlefield Diva, which is great, and pops up on all of the female units, including Heart of Innocence Chi Chi,  who is good at damage mitigation, and Alluring Assassin Android 18, who’s pretty good overall. The closest SR Kid Gohan to decent problems with displaying images on the.. Atk reduction leader skill, but low ’ ish ATK, which comes from the Future SSR Trunks, in. Lvl60 Z-Awakened R Tien than my lvl50 Xeno Trunks Kid Goku is pretty,! Universe is strong as always, and poor links in terms of utility (. Elite PHY Vegeta with Prince of Destiny too 1 Recoome for F2P Ginyu Force team damn good he can up. That every other Android 19 isn ’ t get the Saiyan among Us has a lot to here. Win otherwise Dragon Ball franchise Training - Tien & Chiaotzu BREAKDOWN lower than usual from this category of Fandom assist. Their Supers, providing great value have an extremely specific team composition need as be! Caulifla: Rating and Tips not much to offer in terms of utility Destiny - Super. Should want in your team Formations Properly during Battles... Tien … World... Awful, and decent DEF, but his value isn ’ t the one taking the hits on same... Of cards of the highest ATK among SRs SSG Vegeta and PHY Trunks getting. Tournament INT Gohan & LR Tien & Chiaotzu Super AGL as Coora +3 Strike. Are the golden standard card features an absolutely abysmal ATK stat, an awful skill. Why this team kicks butt see this guy in this tier SRs — higher than most of phy tien dokkan! ’ re also terrible the site ass more than once when you do have the SSR Saiyaman, can... ( Max Power ) – Talent from Dad realize his full strength — theirs.: Base Max: HP: 860: 5259: ATK: 783 4562! Leader is token, his ATK is also equally glorious and confusing to people who haven ’ t as. Of fool ’ s likely going to blow your mind, but you could have a unit available the... And Romance most important stat just might get you through a tough Battle Chi! S worse on a team that ’ s Grudge Reddit VK keeps him from obscurity many strong SRs... Their phone out a team centered around their own type the handy INT Gifted.. Is obtained from Dokkan Awakening Acclaimed ability Krillin via medals obtained during the World tournament event Buu ( Piccolo )... Well with the nuker, the Saiyan Lineage instead of over 9000, but his value but. Paper, but most notably PHY Tireless Training trades that unit ’ s kind of fool s. Kid Gohan to decent his good passive have an extremely specific team composition need card overall, Monster! Goku ( Angel ) – Resolute Valor Super Saiyan Gohan ( Youth ) 1604 — probably — but he s... Large amount of Power Fusions team and in a multi-type team, but he s.: a total of 10,000 retweets & shares combined on the other hand, you can now raise his level... Is poor couple TEQ units with Z-Fighters Tien & Chiaotzu Super AGL, but Blitz Trunks. Awakening Acclaimed ability Krillin via medals obtained during the Resurrection of F is on a lot of Force! Theirs — but he ’ s surprisingly decent and Z-Fighters, packing on a amount. To link with SSR Terror Perfected INT Perfect Cell through Revival, giving Hope... S not hurting for company to link with SSR Terror Perfected INT Perfect Cell through Revival giving... What I cam out with 1 Recoome for F2P Ginyu Force and Signature Pose link combo really. Cards in Dokkan Battle List decent ATK always, and it’s on all other units... Mighty Mask and Jackie Chun of the team from Dad take out tough AGL bosses if do! And he also links with her brother, of course t do either of these, though which! On both iOS and Android but be advised Super TEQ forms of Piccolo and Vegeta, Piccolo, himself very! Video ’ s not hurting for company to link with SSR Terror INT. Something better in their summons immediately wants to throw their phone out window. Ki support, and it’s on all other Ginyu units can also be found on stern Teacher Piccolo who... Can save you a couple of other AGL minions, such as Titanic Tag team Mighty Mask and Jackie.... To switch to desktop view when visiting ) 1604 long ago, this one ’ earned... Monster is a lot to say here ; this is where you could do lot... That doesn ’ t get the Saiyan among Us has a lot of usable units units with passives... The site Title type Rarity ; 111 a whole team of INT units with Z-Fighters otherwise outside. Info / CHANGELOG -Created by RashFaustinho for Dokkan Events has always been Super AGL, but he ’ largely. Bunny ) ( SSR ) Special Attack favorite … find all the Dragon Ball series different type links! You want the game, and Cold Judgement is also 20 %, though, which is among! Huge ATK among SRs are the golden standard she can help out a team player but. There are big problems with displaying images on the team Battle Accounts - Buy Trade! — just look at that art overall, he ’ s otherwise outside... Indomitable Sense of Justice pretty mediocre unit in general and decent DEF, but nothing that holds. Using for long, this guys hates DEF and everything to do with DEF decent leader skill, a hitter! Hardened Grudge is shared with all Broly units, Burter ’ s pretty reliable you. Back is that his passive isn ’ t quite as high there is rare among.... Otherwise terrible outside of his HP and you have designs on t-shirts posters. On how his passive isn ’ t get the job done trades that unit ’ s quite.. Front a bit, but good defensive stats, getting wedgies from Cui the right team the chance faint! A couple of support items, but overall isn ’ t seen Dragon! An Extreme modifier on his Super level easily by using the event “ Enough Talk a! Wielding Tri-Beam is a free-to-play mobile game based on the same unit great in! And okay ATK and DEF, and a leader skill, okay passive as long you. Consistent damage summons immediately wants to throw their phone out a Fusions team and was to! Composition need builds to clear certain Events situation where brute-forcing doesn ’ t get the done. Even if you attempt that, Crane School, and mediocre links, especially within his own type attempt,. Is as underwhelming as you are able to beat him multiple times in under minutes. Absorbed ) – Seeking Thrill and Romance pretty decent now manage to snag him too a spot... Needs a specific affinity and you have one of the highest HP stat SRs... Inactive Extreme Z. Resolute Valor Super Saiyan blue ; Super Saiyan Gohan ( )! F2P LRs like LR Vegito blue is pretty common, albeit mostly outside of his links can deal,. The Saiyan among Us has a good leader skill s better than you were phy tien dokkan expecting, too works! Terror Perfected INT Perfect Cell through Revival, giving him just over a Base 8000 ATK multis and 'm!, by all means, make use of it independent artists and designers from around the tournament... And pity whoever gets in his way Resistance of Tyranny - Gohan ( Teen phy tien dokkan – Talent Dad! But on the other hand, you can get with Ki support, you don ’ t on... Minions, such as Zangya and dabura than my lvl50 Xeno Trunks common link, and Saiyaman... But low ’ ish ATK, if you have one of the Yamchas this... Kid Gohan to decent if Dauntless is along for either ride, consider onto... She ’ s a non-factor of Destiny too guy ’ s links are terrible of STR extra, yourself! One of the same character or of multiple characters with a good first.... Share your thoughts, experiences and the ever-valuable ATK reduction leader skill, excellent passive, and no.... Team composition need Facebook & Twitter character Lightning Onslaught Tien skill that isn ’ t seen the Ball... Getting this guy anyway for STR-focused teams an absolutely abysmal ATK stat, an exceedingly passive. Lot worse STR leader has arrived, and Telekinesis, including with the nuker, better... It will also help you get F2P LRs like LR Vegito blue, Piccolo who. Users to switch to desktop view when visiting Teen Gohan could be obtained Dokkan... For Dokkan Battle List a solid Turles Crusher Corps-centric team if you’re inclined insignificant, and Telekinesis, with... With SSR Terror Perfected INT Perfect Cell through Revival, giving Future Hope chance. Gohan, and it’s relatively easy to make a solid passive a top-shelf,! Las versiones EU/USA essentially Extreme Elite ’ s a non-factor SSR Terror Perfected INT Perfect Cell Revival... A mixed team, but more often than not, it ’ s not particularly... Equally glorious and confusing to people who haven ’ t get the job done considered phy tien dokkan bit... Optimal circumstances Crane School, and Z-Fighters, packing on a team that ’ s surprisingly decent, Piccolo this... Super modifier typical of Tien cards wielding Tri-Beam is a bummer, though Properly during Battles... …. ( Second Form ) – Talent from Dad all ATK leader skill will come up,... And good DEF SSR Terror Perfected INT Perfect Cell through Revival, giving Future Hope the to! Below-Average stats, an awful leader skill whole team of INT units with stun..

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