Adrenaline GH1350. Cajun Red Tintcoat (Code GPJ) Havana Brown Metallic (Code G2X) Northsky Blue Metallic (Code GA0) Red Hot (Code G7C) Note the interior code (218) is usually on top of the paint code (744). H2Q, H2R, H2S, H0U, H2V, H2U, HH1, HH3 – GM RPO code for the interior color combination in question. GM General Motors paint code WA9792 9792 U9792 L9792 39 Indigo. They should be used as added verification only and not actual confirmation of the correct color. Become a Member Today! For a breakdown of all the trim codes, and possible colors of leather … These samples have been collected from inconspicuous areas and are free from dirt, wear and fading. Fade resistant and flexible, COLOR COAT is not a vinyl dye, but a permanent coating. 00L : SECONDARY COLOR, EXTERIOR, PRIME. Dye Only. This 3 digit code will stand alone and will be on the bottom of the sticker that is closest to you when you open the glove box. Due to lighting conditions, manner of photography, available aftermarket suppliers, etc. General Motors Interior Colors charts for all models and years Trim codes do not necessarily provide us with sufficient information to identify the correct interior color for your application. Click on each color image to see a larger view and to find which vehicles these colors apply to. If there is a code that is mising please E-mail me and i'll add it ASAP. DULUX® Dulux is not recommended for the repair of LUCITE- or other Acrylic Lacquer finishes. Product Code: SEM-GM2010. I took a guess on one can already and it was the wrong color. L, V & HP Refinisher: GM Interior Colors $16.49 Color. We get a lot of calls about what color leather is actually in the truck. NOTE: It may be necessary, at times, to tint colors to produce a satisfactory match due to normal weathering and changes in color standards. Dye Only. Interior Paint Color Code Search Use the product professionals use. Computers-Phones-Tablets; Tools!! Does anyone know what the color code is for me to be able to match it to the SEM sprays. This pages has all the GM paint codes for 1973 to 2018. There can be more than one color code shown below. Leather Repair Kits Leather Restoration and Care Products by Leather Magic! *Note: Properly clean the surface before spraying color. Both of these can be helpful. The second letter identifies the roof color. No such luck. GM RPO Codes. Need to restore, change, or repair your GM, Chevrolet, or Saab interior color? If you do not see your particular color listed on this chart, please read the information at the bottom of this page. Home » Variant » GM Interior Colors & Paint - L, V & HP Refinisher. SKU: 1001-064. The vehicle identification number, or VIN, is found on every car manufactured. Some of the samples that we have in our library have been collected from actual vehicles already in service. Our color charts provide close representations of the actual color, but hues may vary based on screen resolutions. Introductions for new members; Lounge; Your Other Rides: Pics & Videos; Sponsors. These samples may have been collected by our field technicians as they performed restoration services on theses cars, or by the actual owners, wishing to perform restorations themselves. some colors may appear lighter or darker than they really are. Use the charts below to help you find your vehicles paint color code. Great for auto interior upholstery most vinyl, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet or velour. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, you may contact us and we will be happy to help. You can locate your interior code on the Service Parts Identification Decal located on the inside of your glove box door. tags: #buickcolors, #chevycolors, #pontiaccolors, #oldsmobilecolors, #gmccolors, #cadillaccolors, #colorcode, #paintchart, #gmpaint #imagedatabase, 1988 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1987 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1986 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1985 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1984 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1983 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1982 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1982 Gm Spring Colors, Cimarron, Cavalier, J-2000, 1981 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, 1980 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac. You can hit next and the whole or most of the page will turn into a gallery. Please keep in mind that color representations may vary depending upon screen monitor settings, browsers and many different factors. We can provide you with factory original colors based upon "Color Name" only. Our leather interior colors are matched by OEM manufacturer color name. Finding the matching colors to your car's interior trim is simply a matter of finding your vehicle identification number. In order to guarantee the accuracy of a color, paint should be ordered based on the color code. To obtain the correct "color name", you may check the specification or "build" sheet that came with the vehicle for the trim color "name". Please highlight the color ID directly below the box of the color you require and copy the ID onto your clipboard so that it may be pasted onto your order form when placing your order. Just make sure you talk to the service department and not get one of the teenage girls that work there. White seats, seat backs, door panels and other trim pieces were restricted to the following Exterior Colors and were color-keyed to the basic interior trim listed below: Code : 10: Classic White: White with Smoke-Gray: 13: Silver Metallic: White with Smoke-Gray: 19: Black: White with Smoke-Gray: 28: Dark Blue: White with Dark Blue: 72: Medium Red Learn where to locate your Color Identification Plate . The problem I have is this: I am looking at SEM classic coats for leather, but they have a different paint code for the interior colors. Product Description. If you do not see your color listed on this chart: The samples which we match our colors to have been obtained from upholstery and trim sample books, provided by or authorized by, the individual car makers. Interior Trim Code 922/92I. Interior; Classics (Star Chief and 1957 to 1986) Performance; Normal Maintainence; Archived BC Club TechInfo; General Offtopic Chat. Products, Help and Advice for the Repair and Care of Leather, Jaguar/Rolls-Royce/Ferrari Interior Colors, Car Interior Detailing and Specialty Products. ColorBond GM Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher makes refinishing upholstery of all types easy and inexpensive. If you do not see your color listed here, it may be due to the fact that we do not have an accurate sample to match to. The vehicle color code will list the paint color exactly so finding it is important. SEM Color Coat products are specifically made to do just that. I tried looking for your color codes for your truck there at that link I gave you, and your right the codes are not listed for the interior colors on your year of truck . 00U : PRIMARY COLOR, EXTERIOR, PRIME. 01L : SECONDARY COLOR, EXTERIOR, SPECIAL (91) 01U : PRIMARY COLOR, EXTERIOR, SPECIAL, (91) 02A : STRIPE COLOR, ACCENT, TWO TONE, … Dye Only. How Do I Tell If I Have Leather Or Vinyl. This is what the sticker looks like: This vehicle has trim code 922. Plus, their paint code format is confusing. GM General Motors Paint Corporate Blue, Corporate White, Alpine Green Light, Ardsley Green, Bambolina Blue, Desert Sand, El Paso Tan, Empire Blue, Light Fast Maroon, Marine Blue, Saint James Gray, Washington Blue, Avenue Green, Congo Smoke, Coolie Blue, Cossack Brown, Crockett Brown, Driftwood Smoke, Dundee Gray, Falmouth Gray, Faunce Green, Huntington Green, Napoleon Gray, Norse Gray, Paul Revere Green, Romany Red, Sherwood Green, Trianon Blue, Tunis Blue, … How Do I Calculate How Much Material I Will Need? Every year, every chart, every color, every paint code known to exist for Gm. The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is available in three interior colors and four seat trim materials. The paint color code will be located either on a laminated label or on a metal plate. CHOOSE SIZE. GMC did not make it easy to find the color code. Quantity *Showing only top colors. Leather/Vinyl Recolor Kit. It is the typical gm medium gray color. Finding matching colors for many items is series of trials and errors. Unfortunately between the year 2000 – 2002, GM tied 2 different colors of leather to this one trim code. Look closely here for the two three digit numbers on the left side of the plate. You will not only get the exact color for your vehicle, but you will also be helping others with the same situation by aiding us in providing exact color matches for even the most obscure colors. Touch-up paints from dealerships have paint codes to match to the original color when a car owner is repairing a small area. 1978 to 1979 Chevrolet Paint Charts and Color Codes: For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site. Please refer to your manufacturer's color code for your exact color match. From buying research to owner support, join 1.5 MILLION GM Truck Enthusiasts every month who use as a daily part of their ownership experience. Buick and Cadillac, along with all other GM makes, have the interior color codes on the Service Parts Identification sticker. Qty: Description Technical Specs General Motors and Chevrolet Interior Auto Paint. If you do wish to send a sample, our address and contact information may be found here. Each General Motors (GM) vehicle has a paint code for its color. The SEM GM colors all seem to be 4 digit codes, like 9227 or 103D. Leather/Vinyl Recolor Kit. The interior color code is in the bottom right of the sticker, but is also one of the RPO codes near the end of the list ending in the letter "I". Inc. All Rights Reserved. Most of the time you'll find it in the glove box, but it could also be on the driver side door pillar, OR in the spare tire well. Gm Interior Paint Codes; Gm Compatibility Guide; Gm Roof Paint Codes; Gm Wheel Paint Codes; Gm 2018 Paint Codes; WA paint Crossover; Gm 2014 Paint Charts; GM 2015 Paint Charts ; Gm 2016 Paint Charts; Gm 2017 Paint Codes; Gm 2018 Paint Code Images; Gm 2019 Paint Codes; Gm 2020 Paint Codes; Gm 2021 Paint Codes; Harley Davidson. GM 2010 Interior Colors . Through the years, they have tried so many different locations, it often makes it impossible to ever find it. list of modern GM rpo codes/option codes for general motors vehicles | Option Tag Locations | Link To Us | Ford Option Codes | Chrysler Option Codes GM option codes RPO Codes- 0 through 4 RPO Codes- 5 through 9 RPO Codes- A through F RPO Codes- G through M RPO Codes- N through S RPO Codes- T through Z : GM RPO Codes--C : PREMIUM CLOTH SEAT TRM 00L : SECONDARY COLOR… If that is not available, please contact your local dealership and provide them with the VIN number of your vehicle. Adriatic Blue6680. The paint code is in a reference computer database that tells a painter what quantity of each color to mix for the final product. CARiD; GM - Buy Trade Sell. Copyright © 2019 Leather Magic! Disclaimer: Interior configurations may not be correct. TWO-TONE COMBINATIONS: CHEVROLET, BUICK AND PONTIAC The first letter of a two-letter paint code identifies the body color. Dark Blue Metallic (Code 25U) Dark Gray Metallic (Code 62U) Dark Green Metallic (Code 47U) Sandstone Metallic (Code 15U) If you write that list of the 30+ RPO codes in the glove box, the dealer can tell you over the phone usually. The interior or "trim color name" can be retrieved through their computer system. Accent Oak (Trim)9859. 1967 Chevrolet Trim Combination Chart 11oz spray can. If you wish to send us a sample of a color that is not listed, please feel free to do so. Auto/Truck/Fleet Paint Cross Reference full site. SEM COLOR COAT is formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet, and velour. Interior Colors ️: Black: Dark Blue: Dark Orange: Gunmetal: Medium Blue: Red: Tobacco: Leather Color Code ️: 402: N/A: 426: N/A: 415: 408: 436: Vinyl Color Code ️: STD: 411: 425: 442: 414: 407: 435: Exterior Color Codes⬇️: Exterior Colors ⬇️: Black: Dark Blue: Dark Orange: Gunmetal: Medium Blue: Red: Tobacco: 983: British Green: X — — — — — — 988: Cordovan Maroon: X — — — — — — 992 We have tried to reproduce these colors as accurately as possible. GM (parent company of GMC) make so many makes and models, you would think they would have standardized the location of the color plate. See all colors in our Color Chart. Here’s the deal…The 922/92I trim code for the 2000, 2001, and 2002 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, and Yukon XL can be a little tricky to interpret. (For example, the combination 28-10 on a Pontiac would indicate the body finished in Atoll Blue Metallic and the roof area in Polar White.) This interior vinyl and plastic dye is for Chevy & GMC Trucks with the Interior Color Code 77D. Below is a complete list of the General Motors Regular Production Option(RPO) Codes. See 2019 Silverado interior colors, accents, and trims. In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. Example photos are for seat type/color/material only.

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