Have looked in ebay help section but it just wants you to to place the highest bid you're prepared to go, and then it seems to go straight to you highest bid. Stay ahead of the competition by setting up automatic bidding. Once you set up automatic bidding, you can stay ahead of the competition for an item without needing to be on the eBay site. Bid sniping—including the use of software that places bids for you—is allowed on eBay, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll win an auction. No, it doesn't. Simply enter the highest price you're willing to pay for an item, and we'll do the rest. Type your maximum bid into the second window and click on "Place Bid." Monitor the bidding process in one window and place your final maximum bid during the last 10 to 15 seconds of the auction using the second window. I get the automatic bidding thing with a hidden ceiling, but to me sniping gives an unethical advantage because it's almost impossible to outbid a computer system. If you were foolish enough to early-bid, the other bidder sees eBay's automatic placement of a $68 bid for you (eBay sends eMails and text messages and whatever it takes to let every other bidder know immediately), and he'll probably bid it back up to $70, exactly as eBay plans. Automatic bidding is the easiest way to bid on an eBay auction. A snipe. You may pay less than your bid if you win. Other members may be using the same tactic, may have set up automatic bidding , or may simply react quickly and place a higher bid before the auction ends. Do not click on "Confirm Bid" yet, but make sure the button is visible. Our articles below will help answer any questions you have about auctions and tell you everything you need to know about how to bid on items. If another bidder places the same max bid or higher, you'll be notified by eBay. ANY bid is treated as a "maximum bid" under the automatic a/k/a proxy a/k/a incremental bidding system. ANY bid is treated as a "maximum bid" under the automatic a/k/a proxy a/k/a incremental bidding system. When you bid on an item in an auction, you're committing to buy it if you win. To stay in the running, you must place a bid that is higher than the current bid. Automatic bidding. eBay auctions accept bids only for a specific amount of time. To place an automatic bid, you just need to enter the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for the item.. eBay will automatically bid on your behalf (using the bid increment amount based on the current high bid) up to your maximum amount to maintain your position as the high bidder.. Win more eBay Auctions with Auction Sniper. This amount is the current minimum bid; you must enter at least this amount if you want to bid. The other way is to use a sniping service to place the bid … Remember, a bid is a binding contract. We place your bid seconds before the auction closes; Automatic - your computer doesn't need to be on Track your auctions - notifies you if you are outbid Inexpensive - you only pay when you win No download required Ebay sniping, auction sniping, it's the same animal.