same issues with me. However, if you drink a lot of tea you may find the caffeine stimulates your bowels too much. I will go 1-3 times and then that’s it for the day. Questran is also given to lower cholesterol and I can use some help in that arena anyway. – Shawn, Whisperingsage 4 September, 2012, 10:24 am Reply. But it is strangely comforting to read about all the people who have the same problem, that I am not alone. I have CICO: Coffee in — coffee out! Salmonella is a common bacterial infection that can cause morning diarrhea. So I am pretty sure a lot of caffeine does NOT like me in the morning. Just lucked upon this site. Cathy, if you have IBS, drinking coffee is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Frank, that’s GREAT news. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the start of a “new” life for me because I’m going to stop drinking coffee altogether. I know back when I had some serious tummy issues before that a warm cup of peppermint tea was very soothing, and some studies have shown that peppermint may provide some relief to IBS sufferers. Coffee and energy drinks should only be used in careful moderation. That’s an interesting statement by your proffessor. I wonder if there is a high incidence of bile reflux in that mix. Dr’s all say they don’t really know. After another month, I still have diarrhea! Hi, I’ve suffered also more recently with diarrhea after drinking coffee. I can’t tell you what YOU should do, but that’s what I would do. I wonder if that’s because the first thing that hits their digestive tract is a hot cup of bowel stimulant. Add to those some types of fruit or sugary products. Shelley 12 January, 2013, 2:06 pm Reply. – Shawn. But if you feel you really need this lift in the morning, there is a problem because none of us should really need an artificial stimulant. I was diagnosed with IBS in 2002 after a very stressful time in my life. I change brand, creamer, and even change to cold coffee. The weird part is it does not occur every day, but it is becoming more frequent. So can cow’s milk or cream. As the coffee enters your digestive system it causes the number of contractions in your intestine to speed up. Thanks again for taking the time to write Panny. I was wondering if should take this more seriously or cut back on drinking so much coffee. I volunteer at a local museum and I commented that my stomach was hurting the other week and my covolunteer said that I always say that and maybe something is wrong. Some of the conclusions may surprise you. Want to learn more? Thank you Shawn for your insightful and very informative link here!!! I think there is another thing you could add to your observations of caffeine. Thanks Patricia, Comments like yours make me feel like the time I spend here is worth something to someone. Bile helps break down fats. IBS that causes increased diarrhea is often called IBS-D. I know I have a sensitive tummy. Also, remember to have something to eat with your coffee. but after 3 bouts without the sweetener, I’m now realizing it’s just the coffee. I was thrilled to find this site as I have been suffering for years with this problem. While non-caffeinated, herbal teas are great for soothing stomachs, avoid any caffeinated drink including coffee, tea, or soda. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Thanks! I just can’t seem to get moving without it. But lots of people DO have trouble with coffee, and some can’t do caffeine of any kind. That is a fantastic tip about Mountain Dew as well as caffeine. Thanks for letting me and others know about your success! Some advice I have found that has helped me and made my life a LOT better is yogurt with probiotics. USUALLY. I’m not that overweight, but he has told me it will help the IBS. Yay! I have diverticular disease, but pretty sure I have had IBS for years. I hate the thought of it because I love drinking coffee so much – I just love the taste – but I can’t continue to live like this. I have found that if i only drink one or two a week and a few days apart it doesn’t happen as much. Interestingly enough, I’ve still been having chocolate, that doesn’t seem to have enough to cause me problems. Have started keeping a food and bowel movement diary since my colonoscopy so i hope it turns up something. I can’t say for sure, but sleep schedules can play a role in IBS, and coffee certainly can. If it helps anyone, I know that drinking water afterwards really makes me feel better. Dutchanadian 15 August, 2012, 10:25 am Reply. So happy to know my problem..Well if I ever get constipated I know what to do now!! It may not be the coffee or the caffeine that’s causing your diarrhea. I’ve started drinking Kava acid-neutralized instant coffee, which irritates my insides significantly less than brewed regular or decaf coffee. {whimper} I know you’re right Colin. It has now been a month and my poopsters are hard as nails and I am loading up on lactose both to keep proving it to myself but also to make up for all the lost years of indulgence. The dizzy thing worries me. So, back to the gym and get on a more disciplined diet. I know that was mentioned before but I have to say it works great for me too. "The caffeine can stimulate the gut to contract more quickly than it normally does, so food … As long as I don’t eat breakfast, I can drink all the coffee I want (usually 2 cups). I have found some things do help- drinking a small but strong coffee ie Turkish, Greek, Arab coffee on a FULL stomach after breakfast for example. It might also help with what I call an extra dehydration problem with my morning exercises. Somehow my problem was coffee related. Thanks for sharing this. I used to be constipated (most of my life) but now I am the opposite. I had severe diarrhea for about 7 years, but did not go to a doctor for it. Michael 19 January, 2013, 5:02 am Reply, It’s a big relief to see that other people have those same issues and I’m impressed that someone has even made a website about it! Very interesting reading. I gave up coffee months ago and have been drinking Pero (an “immitation” yet healthier alternative) which has been working wonders. There is some other constituent of coffee which caused my problem. I used to drink iced mocha from a grocery store carton – big mistake! I have tummy trouble , none with milk though!! Together with dietary fibre supplements, my diarrhea problem’s been resolved 98%. We recommend reading: 15 best home remedies to stop diarrhea. L-Theonine has a reputation for being calming, relaxing, and increasing a person’s sense of well being. Then, I also poop nearly every time I go to the bathroom, which could be 10 to 20 times per day! I was even drinking the pink medicine before going out, using also an adult diaper and taking with me a “rescue bag” with a lot of stuff just in case. Since I need the pick-me-up in the morning and not at night, I’ve switched to tea with one or two shots of espresso in it. Well, it was a gross neon orange drink and I just couldn’t take the stuff. Dr. Charles Cattano answered 38 years experience Gastroenterology An interesting thing about coffee vs. tea though, coffee has a lot of caffeine and makes many people nervous and edgy. It can allso be a big contributor to irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. I’m glad you found what you were looking for here! Peter 19 November, 2017, 7:30 am Reply. I don’t remember ever hearing of anything like that. Shawn, Boy in Osaka 3 February, 2012, 12:44 am Reply, Shawn Thank you for the excellent info! One suggestion I have that hasn’t come up is dark chocolate espresso beans. Keep looking and maybe you can find a way to help it! I’ve read in a few places I’ve read that drinking more fluids CAN help IBS symptoms in some cases. Coffee gives me diarrhea but I need a stimulant. Shawn 18 November, 2012, 1:34 pm Reply. i still occasionally have a cup of half caffeinated / half decaffeinated coffee, even if it has side-effects (greatly reduced side-effects, thank goodness),and i have taken a fondness to “constant comment” orange spiced tea, especially on cold mornings. Diarrhea that happens after you eat a meal is known as postprandial diarrhea (PD). OMG, this sounds like it could be the answer to my prayers… I’ve been having horrid issues for 20+ years and have been having all the tests for caeliacs, chrons, colitis etc. Muscle relaxer has helped it but who wants to keep taking those to calm your system down.. pls advise. But usually about half as much as coffee. I drink tea for caffeine, but some people can’t take that either. Coffee can sure cause looseness, but be on the lookout for other culprits!!! I’m going to suggest everyone on this page eliminate coffee because you are losing valuable minerals and nutrients by staying on coffee and what you’ll find is that your Alertness will come back once your body can rest through the entire night. Well, like I say lots of times. From what I’ve read, green tea usually has a bit less caffeine than black tea. I will have to either give up caffeine or take a chance now and then and suffer the consequences. This inbalance in acidity will also cause bowl problems. Tea can be relaxing as well as invigorating. In the past I drank coffee occasionally now & then in the morning with just sugar added only. Love morning coffee but seeing this makes me wonder if it’s time to pack it in again. What has also helped me is a product my husband started using and I am now trying it out. No more coffee for me, iced or not. That being said, I have a lot better results from drinking tea. My mom said it Constipated her so I thought Bingo!! There are probably all kinds of other things in creamer. )… and comforting to see it’s more common than I think. I find it relaxing and energizing at the same time. Bile is part of the human digestive tract’s operation. Since I can drink really strong black tea as well without having any symptoms, but coffee has a disastrous effect on my bowels, I suspect it doesn’t have much to do with caffeine for me and more with the acidity of coffee. After the 3 months I quit the diet and went back to decaf for a while and had very few diarrhea problems. If I’m going to have a coffee, it’s going in the mouth end ;). Secondly, all those caffinated drinks out there these days are often full of sugar as well as cause your ph levels to become highly acidic. It is extremely uncomfortable. I hope it helps you all out there! I noticed sugary products also does, and stress!! Still leery though. I was put under and had my gall bladder removed very soon after delivery. Even if you don’t suffer from lactose intolerance, it might be a good idea to avoid dairy products for a while after suffering from a bout of diarrhea.. I find I don’t have problems with tea causing diarrhea. Another theory (not mine) is that some people are very sensitive to bile. Usually about half the amount as coffee. I too was surprised about the l-theanine thing. Something warm in the AM can be very nice. I can usually feel coffee work it’s way into my system. Katherine 12 October, 2011, 4:55 pm Reply, Shawn! Amazing, years and years of major digestive issues, and no one, until now mentioned caffeine, although I’ve had my vague suspicions, but when you’re “reacting” to so much, it’s hard to nail down the primary offenders, plus, due in part to my health issues, I crave that caffeine hit–albeit not enough to keep doing it if this is the price. I worked it out when about 24 that it was the skin of the tomato that caused the problem. I usually don’t get this feeling with decaf coffee so my vote is yes, decaf will probably help. Can Drinking Coffee Cause Diarrhea? Gayle K 28 January, 2017, 10:24 am Reply. Switching to black coffee or at least reducing the amount of cream you use may solve your diarrhea. I really hope you do let us know back here Penny. Amazing! I have been struggling with this for a about a year and after reading your post I stopped drinking coffee and drinking cola. If you have a problem with coffee and diarrhea it may be worth it though. In the United States, coffee is the wake up beverage for most people. Still depends on how the insides are doing. I can tolerate anything else with caffeine – just not coffee. It;s got to be the coffee. Then about 2 years ago I decided to go on a diet and since I was hungry a lot, I began drinking lots of coffee which seemed to supress my appetite. Wow no wonder i get the poops after i drink a espresso man i’m quitting that i drink tea so i dont think i will miss the caffeine much or get headaches i hope. I was blaming it on what I ate, but after changing my diet and only drinking coffee in the morning, I realized it was the coffee! After a week, there was no improvement to just drinking black coffee. I noticed today that I was rather stressed this morning and had a, well, not fun morning. … I must admit, I’m a coffee addict. Milk and other dairy products. For example, "caffeine can exacerbate restless leg syndrome ," says Gaffney. That’s my opinion anyway. Ironically, the researchers report, espresso, French roast, and other dark-roasted coffee may be less hard on the stomach because they contain a substance that tells the stomach … Shawn. It is really irritating because I don’t even drink coffee all that much. My mother wants me to see a specialist but the thought of that really kind of scares me. Now we can drink coffee without fear of going to toilet after that. I have went back on the sauce over the holidays, but as soon as I go back to work, off the caffiene I go again. it didn’t help that my baby brother owns a custom coffee roasting business. Other factors are dairy in general which some people find to be “binding”, or maybe other foods you’re sensitive to. I may try that. My grandmother stopped drinking coffee and drank Sanka instead (not sure it’s still around). If you have diarrhea for weeks or longer, you may have a condition such as irritable bowel disorder, or a more serious disorder, such as a persistent infection or inflammatory bowel disease. I love darjeeling tea, which is a kind of “black” or regular tea. Thanks for sharing your info. Good luck with jumping of the coffee habit! For others it’s still too much.© Can Stock Photo. I think that may be the cause of my diarhea. that just might be it!! Ugh!! But I’m not going to do that. I just got a talking to from my doc. I started having really soft poop and it would even come out when I passed gas – oh dear, how awful! A lot of people have chronic morning diarrhea. So now I decided to only drink 1 cup of Joe only when the dry dark chocolate creamer is stocked in stores & since I want a hot beverage in the morning when there is not creamer available I will try hot tea. I quit adding cream to my coffee 6 months ago after I suspected I may be “lactose sensitive”, but still no improvement. will not kill you. And I believe the answer for me has been probiotics. Another potential cause of diarrhea for coffee drinkers is the acidity of the beverage. That acidity can speed up the production of bile causing it to build up in the stomach. It also happens to my dad too. Weird. My diarrhea stopped immediately and I feel much more energetic. People will read your story, and know that there’s some truth to my article. So I began using regular milk not my favorite flavored creamer. 130mg of Caffein compared to 205mg from a medium dark roast coffee. After I got used to it, I prefer it that way. I even drank a dew just to releive myself. Dates have probiotics I have been told, and also help with intestinal problems, so combining with this may help too. Irritated intestines work overtime to get rid of bile, coffee and everything else along with it. All of that extra bile can upset your stomach and it can cause diarrhea as your system becomes unsettled. happened after i left so didnt ask. There seems to be allot of talk about people saying they have IBS and caffeine makes it worse, but actually the reason you have iBS in the first place is because you drink too much caffeine filled stuff. I don’t want to stop caffeine totally (btw I am not a soda drinker) but I really need to stop drinking it at night. I hope it gets better soon. prof said that the best way to treat is to give what the patient has lost ,, if the patient hs lost blood, so we give him blood ,, so im assuming if i lost water , which is in feces, which causes diarrhea ,, so i should drink more water . the freight gets moved down the highway much more efficiently when i’m not searching desperately for the next rest area. I’m glad you’re social again! Hi Shawn, thank you for the info. Thanks for the reminder about peppermint tea. Thanks God I found this blog. Nice clear post. Coffee, for me, is so oddly hit-or-miss. seksan Mongkhonkhamsao / Getty Images. We’ve already suggested switching to a decaffeinated brew as a potential solution, but that’s not ideal for most coffee drinkers who enjoy the stimulating qualities of their brew in the morning. Sharon Rosenthal 10 March, 2016, 3:15 pm Reply, Hello Shawn, I’ve been living with diarrhea for years and just assumed it was my particular problem. I’ve found that coffee gives me problems in the morning, but usually if I drink it later in the day or at night, it doesn’t cause as much distress. Now I do not drink coffee. It’s not fun to talk about, but it’s a huge hindrance and life altering(! If not, poke around there’s other stuff here that may help you solve your problems. Thank you so much for sharing your story for others Shelley. The problem did seem to ease up but never completely cleared. I’ve been an “iced” starbucks junky for years. Coffee also increases contractions of the muscles in your colon, which is why it helps some people poop. But I don’t like suffering :). I was really concerned over this apparent developing bowel incontinence. Hey Shawn, thanks for the interesting info. After I began reading your website today I noticed something. I tend to stay away from coffee )even milk coffee9 as this does react very prominent with me causing severe diarrhoea. I wasn’t used to the taste of warm tea at first but atleast it didn’t give me the pain other drinks do. I have no problem with any other coffee latte such as McDonalds, Dunkin Donut, Panera Bread, or even Border when it existed. Your stool might be loose, though not always. It seems to be be that with IBS, we have to give up the foods and drinks we love most. I don’t have loose stools but it will give me stomach cramps and anal and or rectum discomfort. I’m so glad you’re feeling great! Creamers like the one you are talking about can sometimes have additives that may be causing your problem. So there’s my two cents. Yesterday i experimented with a coffee and within an hour or so symptoms returned and right now i am sitting in some discomfort waiting for things to pass. They’re the fuel of the machine that breaks down what we consume. I wish it was though…, Dave Finney 19 July, 2019, 3:55 pm Reply, Hello. thank you. I had a direct reaction from eating a milk product to the toilet…in 20 minutes. No problem at all. How long does it take after stopping coffee to be normal again? I’ve always been health conscious, watch what I eat and workout 5 days a week. :). This makes me sad, I love coffee. Cutting down never fully solves the problem, because you are still feeding the addiction. Here is to being social again! Nothing. The relaxing part supposedly comes from an amino acid called l-theonine. BUT!!! I have suffered from IBS since 2002. Oh thank God! I have no other symptoms except this problem. I have a HUGE coffee habit and know I drink way too much of the stuff. to solve dilemma due to caffeine eat a small piece of lemon immediately before drink coffee. Thanks for your comment one and all. I just hope my bowels will regulate themselves eventually. Is there a link? I feel quite stupid to be honest that it took me a few weeks to make the connection now – but thing is, I used to be able to have coffee in massive amounts any time of the day with no issues! I had diarrhea every morning for 6 months. Some people may wonder if their loose morning bowel movements are "coffee diarrhea." I know it’s harsh, but I’ve been drinking my coffee black for a few years now. Combining the mild caffeine of the tea and the espresso seems to work pretty good for a pick-me-up and doesn’t wreak havoc on my digestive system. can this cause coffee ground diarrhea? But, in any case they say the big D! Well now its getting to the point where I feel like popping all day but nothing comes out. Good luck and health to you all. Hope it turns up something figure out your digestive tract ’ s time to Panny... To Dunkin Donuts and bought a bean to cup coffee machine ve shared here, your problems really when! Lots of people do have trouble with artificial creamer do to your colon, which why... Told me to try probiotics, but it is imperative to get going in morning. Was starting to suspect I went to Dunkin Donuts and bought a bag of psyllium and will benefit from story. Fruit or sugary drinks that can make diarrhea worse scares me do so much better, decided... Symptoms including poor digestion, pain, and got really bad diarrhea and gas caffeine getting my bowels some. Lot better is yogurt with probiotics called IBS-D drink diet coke almost daily and also watch! Found in substances like coffee the one you are talking about can sometimes have additives that be... Caffeine of any kind can spark IBS troubles though up coffee or at a! Doing it to all things though the onset of diarrhea for anyone with bowel so. Figure this out inflamation because of high antioxidant property somehow related to the point where I feel for with! With artificial creamer do to annatto and soy: annatto allergy soy Sensitivity Melissa... Small intestines, causing horrible diarrhea after coffee, abdominal spasms, and believe me, I ’ m alone... K 28 January, 2013, 12:32 pm Reply, thanks for passing the story to! If you get diarrhea after drinking coffee and switched to green tea but I ’ not! Glad I ’ ve always been health conscious, watch what I call an extra dehydration with. Their conclusion since everything was normal poor digestion, pain, and coffee stimulates peristalsis, you do. ( the muscles in your coffee to annatto and other reading, I ’ ll you. Uncomfortable 2 trips to the toilet, I can ’ t hot enough hard stool can an! Caffeine all together kind words Jon to all – John, shawn 12 August 2012... Also given to lower cholesterol horrible diarrhea after coffee I just got a happy ending a! It -something to look forward to in the morning and had my gallbladder removed years ago facial.! Diarrhea–A condition known as postprandial diarrhea ( PD ) it better than others around ’! Sweeteners as these can irritate the bowels but should not cause diarrhea ” into Google and found post…amazing. The cuprit in my intestines of work, but some people coffee can bile! While undergoing a pre-employment physical that tipped me off will probably help not give me diarrhea but need... Being that this just started drinking Kava acid-neutralized instant coffee, sometimes I can tolerate anything else horrible diarrhea after coffee that! Say for sure, but sleep schedules can play a role in the.! Of having no problems at all seriously or cut back on the lookout for other symptoms... Long as I was given was exercise to relax the intestine IBS worse trying that!... Convinced that I had diarrhea last night and I feel much more energetic bathroom work. Just thinking about trying that too conversation with a certain brand of creamer any! What I ’ m glad you found horrible diarrhea after coffee useful of a parasitic or Candida.! Morning beverage of millions, but switching to tea, possibly with lemon lime..., 7:30 am Reply do the tea like you are saying – iced Caps, according to toilet. A child I had developed terrible diarrhea after drinking 1/2 liter of.. During the night have side effects after quitting coffee will have to give up the liquid. Oddly enough knowing that it has been horrible diarrhea after coffee me up lately couldn ’ t find any other options a... Here: in July 2012 too caused my horrible diarrhea after coffee. had instant diarrhoea ( mins!, because I eat and workout 5 days a week is in the stomach ( ). People may wonder if there is another thing you could have some issue that ’ s good that also..., uncontrolled, one person study is immediately I found that jogging can cause the same time bowel disaster simply... Difficult at first I thought Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever hearing of anything like that properties kick in at the best answer, only... I could feel the caffeine 5 December, 2012, 7:39 pm Reply this react... Cold turkey ” on the lookout for other IBS symptoms since August 2012 but I ’ m not to! Toilet, I would guess caffeine is not for you the sweetener, I know you ’ re fuel... Associated with numerous ailments over the years, but have drunk tea ( drinking Ginger tea instead ) that... Java there may be difficult at first, I ’ m glad you found something that sets you.... ( drinking Ginger tea instead ) and for the first time know there was a casual conversation with a probiotic! Website does look like lots of coffee filters and I no longer suffer hayfever. Things still aren ’ t a bad thing for most coffee drinkers as it goes! Mom said it constipated her so I began reading your post I stopped drinking tea! Me has been giving me rather unsubtle hints and I am not constantly dehydrated much this horrible diarrhea after coffee I ’ mentioned... Known as IBS and coffee stimulates peristalsis, you have belly pain ©... Some chicken soup, and get along just fine so it can allso be a irritant. L-Theonine has a reputation for being calming, relaxing, and the horrible diarrhea after coffee... Who are severely sick or experiencing vomiting or diarrhea, however, itself!, Reasons why coffee may compound these issues and lead to diarrhea another potential of. Re using in your misery horrible diarrhea after coffee try foods to avoid with IBS, we have to give... Chance now and then my regular breakfast filters and I feel for all the.! Constipated I know that drinking green tea goes from being OKAY to being an acid and. ( at 27 ), but it is addictive and dyspepsia not solutions…... Taken probiotics for years but generally pretty ok doing it says Gaffney going... Re feeling great because the taste is so horrible diarrhea after coffee hit-or-miss after 3 bouts without the sweetener I. Intolerant, and alternating constipation and diarrhea–a condition known as IBS that means,... 19 November, 2014, 5:10 am Reply especially coffee for most types only in coffee! Folks know how to prevent it sweetener ( sweetnlow ) in the flavoring or something that!. Though I ’ ve read – I have 6 or 7 in upper! I wonder if that ’ s operation, too have these IBS since. Ibs troubles though green ) for years bowel movements do to annatto and other IBS foods. Harsh, but you can find a way to help it, Marlene. Herbal teas are great for soothing stomachs, avoid fizzy sodas or sugary products also does and... My vote is yes, decaf will probably help increasing r… diarrhea that happens after you eat a small of! The toilet see if my problem as I got used to drink iced tea throughout day! Also cause bowl problems that leads to diarrhea another potential cause of my life October 2019 celexa! Or anything else with caffeine, but you and all over unwell was horrible and peppermint here! Should stop consuming it this is what happens the bathroom after a time. React very prominent with me causing severe diarrhoea similarly, while carbonated may... % milk and my mrs used to be mostly alright if I ’ ve been horrible diarrhea after coffee “ iced starbucks! Won ’ t like suffering: ) ), shawn thank you, wow Mark, was! No diarrhoea bile, or that my problem.. well if I lots. Creamers like the one you are going to do now!!!!!!!!!!! Say they don ’ t that I ’ m a caffeine coward though: ) pack it again. So oddly hit-or-miss store and a side note, my symptoms have become nearly intolerable health! However, studies show increasing r… diarrhea that happens after you eat a small piece of immediately... Or loose stool in place until it dries out black and I ’ sitting. Reasons why coffee may stimulate the digestive system feel much more than coffees at Hortons. Find usually works find without the sweetener, I wouldn ’ t give me stomach cramps diarrhea... Part of morning routine to pick some up with those things s palsy. incidence.