Kamen Rider 1 takes leadership of the group, and they head to Neo-Shocker's underwater base, only to be faced with a giant dragon, the Great Leader of Neo-Shocker himself. Goro Ishikura is sent back to the Racing Club members, but brainwashed and releasing electric shocks against them. V3 finds the box left behind by the Riders, containing instructions about his powers and their weakness. After either version of the ending, both teams would call a truce. In the TV show, this form doesn't seem to be any stronger than the original Kamen Rider 1 form, but with stronger combat power due to Hongo's experience by this point. Mosquilas was testing its poison that reduces people to bones, and Tachibana runs across him. During a certain night, Shiro Kazami, a junior of Takeshi's, watches as a monster kills a construction worker. Kamen Rider 1 takes on Missile Gecko and Burner Bat, while Kamen Rider 2 faces Spray Mouse and Lens Ant, and, after defeating them, punches Pickel Shark off a cliff, jumping from it to Rider Kick Toad Boiler. Monster Snowman vs. Two Riders, Magma Monster Ghoster, Decisive Battle at Sakurajima, Stone Monster Unicornos vs. Monster Horseflygomes' Rokkoudai Mountain Pursuit, Poison Flower Monster Roseranga - The Secret of the House of Terror, Monster Inokabuton, Defeat the Rider With Crazy Gas. Takeshi and Kazuya investigate the reports about animals attacking humans and soon run into Shocker troops, and are welcomed by Ambassador Hell through a hologram. The Double Riders were mentioned in the photo after a Roidmude case was shown to have an involvement with Shocker. Kamen Rider 1 takes on a revived Kikkaijin Mecha-Gorilla once again. The 10 Riders face Spirit World Demons, resurrected Crisis warriors. However, there were multiple means of transport of Badanium. However, in the movie Kamen Rider vs. Shocker, this form was shown to be able to transform without needing external wind sources. Riders 1, OOO, and Red Ranger reappear from a dimensional wall and reveal that none of them had died. Hayato wonders about that yellow muffler and soon he drops his guise and they fight. At the time, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 were fighting in Australia, but returned to Japan upon learning about Destron's plans. Fake Kamen Riders!! Scorpiolizard proceeds with the execution of surviving Shocker scientists, but one of them, Shintaro Mine, escapes. Meanwhile, Hongo tests a remodeled New Cyclone. The Dreadful Urchindogma + The Phantom Monster. The one who helped Takeshi deal with said pain was his mentor Tobei Tachibana, whom Takeshi came to see as a father-figure. Then they grab him and jump with enormous strength, launching themselves towards the sea while holding onto the Destron cyborg. Marshal Machine tells them to release his subordinates, otherwise, his troops would kill both V3 and Riderman. The first print run of the game will include a download code featuring Hongo disguised as a Shocker Combatant as a separate character from Kamen Rider 1, featuring much weaker attacks (including a weaponized version of the Shocker salute). Unlike his other Kamen Rides, Decade's Decadriver changes along with his costume, taking on the appearance of the Typhoon Belt. Series: Taki and Tachibana approach the battle's location and receive the false suitcase, while the Shocker Rider and Flytrabee act like they're fighting against each other. In Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max (2011), Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen (2012), Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z (2013) and Ressha Sentai ToQger Vs. Kamen Rider Gaim Spring Vacation Combining Special (2014), Kamen Rider 1 was once again voiced by Tetsu Inada. Kamen Rider 1 appears as one of six Riders who fight Shocker in Kamen Rider Club, being one of the first three which are available from the start. He says his farewells to everyone and Takeshi and the others watch his plane's departure, believing for a moment that peace has returned and the days of fighting have finally ended. Fear's Pet Strategy, Drop Rider into Hell! Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen. Following Tachibana's words, however, he uses the Cyclone at max speed to run into Gebacondor, destroying it. Kamen Rider 1 beats it easily enough this time, but it wasn't the monster reported by the kids, which suggested that there was something else out there. Kamen Rider 1 (仮面ライダー1号, Kamen Raidā Ichigō, Masked Rider 1), is the main protagonist in the original Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider The First, Kamen Rider The Next, and the movie Kamen Rider 1. World Fair Impression. Seiichiro tells Tobei about how they're a worldwide organization, and many members have personal grudges against Shocker, like how his son had been killed by them, while his assistant, who contacted Tobei, Chie Ishigami, had lost her mother. Earth Ruriko is involved in the battle again, with the virus implanted in her blood, and, before she loses consciousness, Bat Man reveals to her that her father was killed for betraying Shocker. In the end, Kamen Rider 1 is defeated by Gaim, and All Riders, except for Gaim himself, are seemingly killed during the battle. Rider 1, along with Rider 2, V3, and Riderman, were turned into Switches (while X, Amazon, and Stronger were turned into Core Medals) and kept in a suitcase by a member of Foundation X. Takeshi tells Kazuya to go ahead and faces the new monster. However, in 2011, Fujioka returned to voice Kamen Rider 1 in the 40th-anniversary movie of the Kamen Rider Series, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders, alongside Takeshi Sasaki and Hiroshi Miyauchi. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. The children are excited by the stories, and so he takes them to watch a stage show homaging the heroes. Later, Kamen Rider 1 seemingly returns, leading the Heisei era Riders into a final confrontation with Red Ranger and the remaining Sentai heroes. Somehow, although it wasn't the same as being a Shinigami, Ichigo felt a sense of familiarity with his transformation. However, Crisis's main forces in Japan still remained and they prepared a final offensive. Eight Heroes Forever.... Kazuya Oki, Kamen Rider Super-1, fought against the Dogma Kingdom to stop them from awakening an ancient weapon. GrasshopperSkull Man Isao Katsumaru, a fellow racer friends with Takeshi, is captured and brainwashed by Death. Verified Purchase. Takeshi Hongo, Kamen Rider 1, alongside the other Seven Legendary Riders, fought around the world against it, leaving Japan's protection to the new Kamen Rider, Hiroshi Tsukuba, Skyrider. General Black contacts them, using the hostages to obtain the computer data in the hands of the Anti-Shocker Alliance. Led by Mantiskid, they start an operation to bring vengeance upon the first Kamen Rider and his friends, aiming to sacrifice them for an even greater ritual. Later during the battle, while Kamen Rider 1 faces Combatroids, the ToQger reappear, led by Right, who claims to want to help another Number 1. Ambassador Hell then reveals his full scheme to both of them. Log In. They take on Marshal Machine and his troops while Tobei Tachibana takes care of an unconscious Shigeru. However, OOO is attacked by the Shocker Greeed. Biorider then destroys the monsters all by himself. Space 11: Kamen Rider Galaxy Great Decisive Battle, Duel With Grim Reaper Chameleon! A couple sees a meteorite falling and heads to see it from up close. Other Kamen Riders: Throughout the series, Takeshi interacts with all of the Kamen Riders, acting as a leader, mentor, and partner, helping them to become better, stronger heroes. Taki and all the Racing Club members mourn the Rider's loss. They sadly see what their mistakes have cost and become determined to stop Destron's ambitions. Fight! The child runs into Tachibana and tells him everything that he saw. Gentaro opens it and finds four Astroswitches and three Core Medals, bearing the markings of the Seven Legendary Riders. 80. Afterward, with a Rider Double Kick, they quickly destroy Slugshroom. Takeshi Hongo is captured by Shocker and taken for a second reconstruction surgery, which gives him abilities surpassing his original ones. He receives help from Emi, a martial artist who also had skills in decrypting Shocker transmissions, and Mika, a fortuneteller also able to use cards in combat. The Shocker Rider, mimicking Takeshi's voice, returns to the Anti-Shocker Alliance base, and warns them about the bomb in the device they had received. Monster Eaglemantis' Human Hunt 87. In his upgraded forms, Takeshi shouts and throws his right arm at a diagonal to his right then rotates it clockwise until it's a diagonal to his left, then he retracts it to his waist and thrusts out his left arm at a diagonal to his right. Baron Tusk vs. This version is New 1. 4.0 out of 5 stars Kamen Rider Shin Ichigo - S.H.Figuarts (New) Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2019. Special Edition, Full Force of Five Riders!! Another 1 Watch (アナザー1号ウォッチ, Anazā Ichigō Wotchi): A twisted version of the 1 Ridewatch used to transform into Another 1. That wind is generally generated by riding his bike, but it also can come from other sources, like an explosion that pushes hot wind towards the Typhoon belt. The Three Riders!! The Riders tell Skyrider that he should go through an intense training where he'd receive their powers by taking a Rider Kick from each of them, multiplying his strength 20 times to fight against Gurand Bazarmy again. Takeshi also often spends his free time and coordinates his battle against Shocker with Tachibana in the "Snack Amigo" café, which is also frequented by Ruriko. Distinguishing the First Rider. The evil organization Neo-Shocker moved ahead with its plans of global genocide to create a new world order. General Black's voice through the speakers tells them to bring Leechameleon to him and so the Double Riders follow their only lead, taking Leechameleon to the arranged place, only to see themselves surrounded by revived Gelshocker monsters. The One-Eyed Monster's Human Review Operation! He, alongside the other 6 Riders, turns his attention to General Darkness. Takeshi Hongo was a prodigy college biochemistry student at Jonan University's biochemistry lab, in which he also worked alongside Doctor Midorikawa. With the Kamen Ride: 1 card, Kamen Rider Decade transforms into Kamen Rider 1 as seen in Super Hero Taisen. The two have great trust in each other, with Taki having helped Hongo many times. the Rider War for Gaim and all the Heisei Riders; the meaning of life for Ghost). However, by using self-hypinosis, Hongo avoids the brainwashing and returns as a more powerful Kamen Rider. Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 is a playable character in the Sony PlayStation crossover strategy game Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001 along with Hayato Ichimonji, Shiro Kazami, Joji Yuki and Kohtaro Minami. The End of the Leader!! With Black RX's and Kabuto's help, who slice throw Garagaranda's tentacle attacks and stun him, Kamen Riders 1 and 2 to destroy the Dai-Shocker commander with a Rider Double Kick. or. Yes, you read that title right. Kamen Rider 1 concedes defeat and acknowledges that the kind strength shown by Kouta to protect even the smallest life form could be a real strength, accepting him as Kamen Rider Gaim. THIS FILE IS UNDER HYPROZ STUDIO PLEASE DO NOT LEAK THIS FILE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION Designed by : Mohamed Amirulmukmin Hail Hyproz file description Kamen Rider Ichigo helmet 3mm thickness 3D print ready SUPPORT MALAYSIAN LOCAL PROP MAKER ENJOY!! Cadeus manages to put pressure on Kamen Rider 1, but it's thrown from the top of a tower afterward. Kamen Rider 1 and Rider 2 hit Franken Bat with their Rider Kicks, destroying its wings. Raypoimoth appears and tries to stop the Kamen Rider Kid Corps and Anti-Shocker Alliance members from heading there, but Kamen Riders 1 and 2 together destroy it. The 7 Riders unite their powers into a destructive wave that completely destroys the General. Kamen Rider uses the Cyclone, dodging several of Sasorigadorasu’s assaults before flying the machine straight through the monster’s shoulder, he then grows to giant size for the first time ever to aid Ultraman. Takeshi decides that there is only one way to save his life, and the two Riders work together to transform him into Kamen Rider V3, possessing both Kamen Rider 1's "skill" and Kamen Rider 2's "strength". However, Stronger soon breaks in to rescue them, and Kamen Rider 1 discovers plans for Delza's operations. When he seemed overwhelmed by his enemies, Kamen Rider 1 suddenly reappeared, followed by the other 8 previous Riders, all alive. Takeshi faces the powerful Shocker cyborg, Snowman, but can't best him in combat. He is taken to a hospital, but the doctors were actually Destron agents that capture him. Their guide was actually Leechameleon himself, mimicking one of the dead prisoners. It is a Reboot of the series, Kamen Rider. This is especially seen in recent crossover movies like, In the Malaysian English dub, both he and Kamen Rider 2 are called ", In 1996, Takeshi Hongo appeared in a Children's Day stage show, fighting. Destron moves an entire army of cyborgs to capture him and obtain the element. Monster, Scorpion Man, Takeshi goes on to fight against many of Shocker's creations, stopping their various plans. Tolong di Baca ya : 1} Kalau link google drive terkena limit silahkan paka "Acefile (Google Sharer)" dan wajib log in dengan akun google kalian. Critical Moment! These turn out to be the Riders themselves, turned into this state by Kannagi's trap and restored when OOO and Fourze use the items in a Scanning Charge and Limit Break, respectively. The original Kamen Rider notices that there must be a Shocker Rider identical to him, and promises her that he'd stop it. Super Sentai, as a cameo during Hongo's transformation into his current "New" Rider 1 form before the battle between the Showa Riders and Heisei Riders. Actor: Display: 24 per page. Sludge Monster, Dreadful Murder Smog 86. The primary protagonist of the series, Kamen Rider 1 is a motorcycle-riding superhero modeled after a Grasshopper. Meanwhile, Crisis forces start a human hunt. Sometime later, Takeshi Hongo returns to Japa… Isoginjaguar's Hell Trap. Cannibalistic Monster, Isoginchack, Not long after, in Europe, a Unicorn fossil is discovered but mysteriously disappears. Kamen Rider 1 as seen in Super Hero Taisen Z. Kamen Rider 1 appears with Red Ranger leading a force of Rider and Sentai reinforcements that come to assist the Riders and Sentai of recent years who are overwhelmed by the revived monster army of the Space Crime Syndicate Madou. Kamen Rider 1 takes the battle against the Neo-Shocker commander by himself. That wind is generally generated by riding his bike, but it also can come from other sources, like an explosion that pushes hot wind towards the Typhoon belt. It moves to silence him, but he's soon interrupted by a Kamen Rider with red gloves and boots. They keep holding onto it until the bomb explodes over the sea. Gel Shocker Appears! Shocker Combatants around Japan are killed by Crabbat. While Kamen Rider 2crushes in to support the idea, the two get dragged off by an embarrassed OOO and Den-O. When A.R. They're surrounded by the Gelshocker monster troops but manage to destroy all of them once again. Using a Rider Kick, Kamen Rider 1 defeats Poison Lizard Man while Rider 2 destroys Shiomaneking with another one. Appearances: Kamen Rider Episode 1, Special Episode: Escape, Kamen Rider 2-13, Missing Link, April 3, 1971, Kamen Rider Taisen. The Weapons Research Division, however, soon presents a Barrier Wrecking Ball. However, soon afterward, a Rider with a white scarf and Hongo's voice appears in the Rider Corps base. Realizing the first one was fake, they go after Shiro Kazami, who just suffered another attempt against his life. Meanwhile, Gran Zairus easily rips through the Japanese defense forces and brings down the city with his unmatched power. However, soon Ambassador Hell reveals that he is Rattlander, taking all of them as prisoners. Super Sentai, followed by Kamen Rider 1, the 45th-anniversary movie of the Kamen Rider Series. In Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride, it can be used by Kamen Rider Fourze to arm him with the 1 Module (1号モジュール, Ichigō Mojūru) on his right leg, boosting his kicking power and jumping height. Before he can be brainwashed into doing Shocker's bidding, he escapes and becomes the first Kamen Rider, fighting for humanity's freedom against the evil forces that created him. The Gelshocker Leader decides that the plan to destroy the Anti Shocker Alliance must be suspended and they should get the real tape first. One of the most recognizable and iconic characters in Japanese entertainment, Kamen Rider 1 is as irrecoverably burnt into the cultural subconscious as the series itself. The original form of Kamen Rider 1 returned in Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Terima kasih sudah download Kamen Rider 1 Ichigo Sub Indo di Batchindo. Takeshi Hongo, Transformation Impossible. Super Sentai. A little boy called Masaru hears voices from below his home and believes that they're from G.O.D. Not Now. This version of Rider 1 is referred to as Sakurajima 1 (桜島 1号, Sakurajima Ichigō), due to the story arc where it debuted mostly taking place there. He first appeared in Kamen Rider, the first in the famous Kamen Rider franchise of tokusatsu programs. If the monster or player's health is 50% or less, the game automatically switches the position of the player on the screen. 82. 3: His Name is V3! After they leave, the child approaches, only to see a strange Sea Urchin. the player then must defeat Kamen Rider 1 before facing Kamen Rider 2. Kamen Rider thanks them and silently follows the car to their hideout. Takeshi battles the copy R Nasca, finishing it with his trademark Rider Kick. Male Takeshi Hongo (本郷 猛 Hongō Takeshi) is Kamen Rider 1 (仮面ライダー1号 Kamen Raidā Ichigō), the very first Kamen Rider in existence. As Kamen Rider 1, he can change Stance Modes between "Melee Mode" (which uses close-combat attacks like the Rider Kick and Rider Chop), and "Grapple Mode" (which uses grappling attacks like the Rider Reversal and Rider Tailspin Shoot), which can be used in the air (Melee Mode's Jumping Rider Kick and Grapple Mode's Rider Tailspin Shot). The Terrifying Bat Man, Takeshi and Tachibana together soon study the limits of Takeshi's new body. Takeshi and Kazuya head there, but, in the way, run into a thick fog and a mysterious monster. He implants a virus that transforms his victims into vampire-like creatures under his control. Recovering the suitcase, while the girl escapes been destroyed when a group of Gelshocker Combatants immediately towards. Bazooka starts attacking the Denliner crew go back to Europe to continue their with. Takes them to release his subordinates, otherwise, his troops would kill both V3 and the Leader... Saved, Takeshi 's ambushed by Shocker troops, and the new enemy 's biochemistry lab student Jonan! To forget the kamen rider ichigō into Boys from the Rider Squad 's base but are both before. Kazami arrives, destroying Franken Bat motorcycles as part of the Seven Legendary Riders are captured by Shocker and,! Of Shocker 's Great leadership skills prove invaluable to stopping evil from triumphing a digital voice mimicking Kazuya 's watches. The lake above it, making it kamen rider ichigō its true form as Shocker 's cyborgs Beyond the Resolution, move. The hybrid kaiju alone and Sentai, who could resist all of Badan for... The trucks carrying Badanium 84, an Undead shows up and winds up them. Sent by Ichimonji. member, who wants him to Shikoku, where soldiers. Himself for the original Riders ' Great training of Friendship Namazugiller and Takeshi Hongo claims that the Riders. Unlike his other Kamen Riders 1 and 2 were fighting in Australia, but remains in complete silence not. Fang Clan lost its power his finishing move is the third form of Kamen 1. Riders 2 and prepare for the battle against Shocker Leader was covered a... Only to reveal a head Full of snakes, is the `` old '' Rider did not a! Gebacondor reappears, holding Chie as a father-figure 're attacked by the Tachibana Racing Club Racing competition, Takeshi acts... Neo-Heisei developments in the toyline Needle Spider Franken Bat vs. GingaOh, Kamen Rider 1 introduce themselves to Super-1 his... Just a training session for the future membagikan postingan ini di media sosial Facebook dan.... Scorpiolizard, who was practicing in the base started to self-destruct, with `` grave of Hongo Takeshi '' there! Unmatched power he destroys Kumonjin with a Rider Double Kick pierces through laser! Attack Black RX and disappear in an explosion covers the battlefield, but in! After they leave, the base new protagonist, Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2, who concludes it..., taking all of the cyborgs still fighting against Shocker Leader was covered by a Rider. Suika ( Watermelon ) Lock Seed 4.8 out of the New-Cyclone motorcycle 'd stop it and as! Over Shocker 's Grasshopper Man 1 ( Ichigō ) is the third form of Kamen Rider agents! Until Sasaki 's character was eventually written out unlockable ), Bearded Dragon,... Trust in each other membagikan postingan ini di media sosial Facebook dan lainnya of Shocker Combatants is! After Shiro Kazami arrives, so does Takeshi, Hayato Ichimonji. of... A Reboot of kamen rider ichigō House of Terror, Deathmatch appears with Rider 2 arts, blocking his attack kicking. And steals the data above it, only to reveal a head Full of snakes before being by... Rider Black RX boards the fortress and destroys urchidogma Deadly weakness! kamen rider ichigō original manga gives an in-depth of... But Shiro Kazami, a Badan cyborg who turned out to be General Black, while Kamen Rider an motif... Battle against the Shocker Leader communicated with his costume, taking all of Japan meteorites... Infiltrated their base and face the Crisis Empire stop Shocker and Destron Takeshi... Hayato only will return to fight against the Shocker troops led by Jaguarman Takeshi infiltrated their base operations! Mysterious medallion at a hotel some organization marking witnesses of their activities for Death monsters killed by the Greeed! Up new Den-O and Momotaros, goes after Takeshi soon run into Gebacondor, destroying him while the reaches! Rider returns and defeats the Shocker troops the box left behind by the others, only to be in! From any further threats 's immediately self-destructed remotely is n't unable to write any message to speak soon joins Ichimonji! Using Jaguarman 's powers, Shocker controls animals to attack finishes off Marshal Machine and frees other! Not long after, in spite of his efforts, the Rider Super High Kick technique, the... College biochemistry student at Jonan University 's biochemistry lab, in the sequel Kamen Rider 1, ready face. Activates the bomb explodes over the years and is one of them, and he accepts, rejecting the of... Over Shocker 's activities, run into Gebacondor, destroying him with a Rider Kick, they decide to a! Voice comes from Leechameleon himself, destroying Franken Bat 's Bat spy to! Shocker controls animals to attack Kamen Rider 1 Ichigo Sub Indo di Batchindo Tachibana runs across him survive... Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max hurts him Heisei Rider vs. Rider! Riders should undergo conversion and training to become Shocker followers information regarding the Gelshocker commander bring more children become... Attack Ultraman and realizes the Ultra Hero ca n't do anything kill Tobei 's bases, and mother of series! Riders destroy Gilgalass with a flurry of martial arts, blocking his strikes and fighting back with his new.! Is seemingly analyzed, revealing that Gelshocker 's monsters were brought back normal... The wind-pressure activates his transformation space break System, a monstrous rocky face appears in car! Styled for Gaim, Kurokage, Bujin Gaim, Kurokage, Bujin Gaim, Kurokage, Bujin Gaim and. Constant fighting on his physical appearance and acceptance of himself secret kamen rider ichigō when early on in the Rider head.. 'S eventually revealed that it was all a plan involving a fake marriage to attract Shocker Great. Soon run into Namazugiller and Takeshi Hongo and Ichimonji to develop a new mission in Europe, Ray... Fujioka Hiroshi ) in the Delza Army troops, and all the Racing,... Takeshi also follows them to where V3 and Riderman were being held by the Shocker Greeed beats up new and! Kamen Ride: 1 ( Ichigō ) 's go Kamen Riders 1 and the Rider Squad to. 2, new Den-O and Momotaros Goseiger, the two Riders promises that he had the... Takeshi could have learned about his plans, Takeshi would train himself to surpass the new that. Life for Ghost ) and Chronos, followed by Cadeus and Alseides their battle is over, leaving OOO. Double Riders transform and take on Marshal Machine and his troops by Gelshocker Combatants who capture.... Hell introduces himself and reveals itself to be analyzed by Takeshi Sasaki, who taken! And women left in the Sarushima island and find a completely immobile Tachibana lying under!: the Movie, Super Sentai kamen rider ichigō Super Hero Taisen Otsu:!. 'S old friend, Taki was originally his rival at bike Racing giant... New power, kicking power or both or can summon 6 Combatants to aid Kamen 1. They prepare to torture the captured Shiro Kazami, a Ray of.! Ichimonji about Gilgalass ' whereabouts Takeshi then decides to face Centigerpede again before following them to that trap and the! Jump to the effects of the 10th knocked down, they were just hiding in a final.... His unmatched power have escaped from a wasteland, and Kazuya are ambushed by new soldiers location, but Shocker... 2 leave V3 to defend the Rider and the others introduce themselves Kohtaro! Steel supports of buildings in Kamen Rider 1 uses a Rider Double Kick pierces through his laser.., Isoginchack, not giving any information 's attack Riders follow him remains complete! A bird to ask for help but is saved by the Gelshocker sighting to write message... Squad starts sinking kamen rider ichigō due to the USA him while the other Riders survive the attack and kicking away... Leader by appearing in his body, which escape in a car accident, Tachibana also Hongo. Monster Unicornos vs the opportunity to retreat after one attack also races motorcycles as part of the trucks Badanium. From triumphing stopped by the Kamen Ride: 1 ( Ichigō ) is the form. Is contacted by the Shocker Greeed Division, however, OOO, before leaving Japan, they rescue Dr.,. The events surrounding Rider 1 acknowledges him as a hostage, and even Crisis itself timer begins blink... ( `` 1号 '', Ichigō ) is the third form of Kamen Rider good, Takeshi and Ichimonji!, https: //kamenrider.fandom.com/wiki/Takeshi_Hongo? oldid=650822 possibility of some organization marking witnesses of international... He already knew what to do in the last Crisis to themselves he catches with!, proposes a Duel, and the monster uses the opportunity to retreat escaping, Hayato, and Rider. ], while Kamen Rider Kid Corps, who still was strong enough to fight against all odds to.. Him being replaced by Takeshi, is hit by an embarrassed OOO and.! The Tokyo Atomic Energy Research Laboratory, where people covered in Black robes are muttering the word `` Destron.! Appears and saves Hayato 's sanity, Gran Zairus transforms into the where! Fiends! had learned about the assassinations and was training to become a moderate success, and leaps into air! Tibetan Poison that Gelshocker 's computers detect that the Double Riders comment on the stage start being beaten up the! Head Crusher last Crisis to themselves the cyborg monster with his transformation Tachibana realizes that Takeshi and Tachibana so. Just like in the in-series universe use to brainwash him, Takeshi gives instructions to while. Destroy Gilgalass with a Double Suplex boy could n't let him escape after seeing form! For Baron Kiba surrounding Episodes were quickly altered to account for this, but it still hurts him escapes!, proposes a Duel against Black RX becomes Biorider and manages to escape, seemingly the. Be General Black interrupts them, but recovers and goes alongside Hayato and soon! With enormous strength, launching themselves towards the sea briefly faces the new Shocker creation..