Let’s get scientific for a minute: When you cut an onion, enzymes in the skin of the onion come into contact with air and turn into an eye-irritating chemical. Cutting onions without tears Sharpen your knife: This way, you’ll actually be cutting the onions as opposed to crushing them with a blunt knife which will release the eye irritant. READ MORE; 1. Here are some of the amazing tips and few steps to cut onions without shedding tears. It really works! There are lots of old wives tales and lots of chef tips on ways to chop an onion without shedding tears – maybe one of them will work for you. Fire. Have a fan blowing the droplets away from your face while cutting onions. Here is how to cut onions without shedding tears: 1. Onions are a major ingredient in so many of our recipes and if you’re like me, you never know when you are going to slice an onion that will make your eyes stream. Cut onions under water. Using a sharp knife helps in making a clean cut in the onion. Essentially, an onion revenge-farts at you so powerfully when you cut it that it reduces you to tears. Me. Make. Onion? In case you don’t speak caveman, all you need to do is light a candle next to where you’re working and the flame will burn most of the evil tear-creating onion juices out of the air. No. Spacesuit? Blame it on synthase. Check. Knife? You can use a … 1 Use a Cold Onion. Click here to see the 10 Proven Ways to Cut an Onion Without Crying (Slideshow) We all know that chopping onions is guaranteed to produce a few tears, but why? This tear-inducing enzyme converts the sulfoxide molecules that are released when an onion is cut, into sulfenic acid. In this video, DIY expert Jill Urban reveals this extremely easy secret to preventing tears. #1: Always use a sharp knife. Reducing Tears. So that’s it. THIS IS WHAT I DO. Light a candle or votive near the cutting board or if you have a gas stove, light a burner. Jane. If you want to add a slippery factor to onion chopping. The heat will draw the sulfur to it and away from your eyes. Check. Wear swim goggles or special no tears onion goggles (no kidding they’re $48 on Amazon). But it’s not. Cutting Onions Without Tears. Onion. Two of the most ludicrous are holding burning matches in your mouth while you chop, a fire hazard to say the least, and chewing on a raw onion, which merely adds more onion close to your mucus membranes. Cutting board? Ouchie. So when I saw this brilliant and simple hack to cut onions without crying, I was immediately onboard. Advertisements. Work as close to flame as possible without danger of being burned. Place onions in the fridge for 30 minutes before chopping or 10 minutes in the freezer if you’re in a rush. But why does it make us cry, exactly? I’m not that desperate. Here are some ways to cut an without the tears. Check. Thus fewer irritants are released that causes teary eyes. Kim Kardashian and Kanye 'in marriage counselling with little chance of living together' 2. Check. Avoiding tears when chopping onions is no easy task. You’ve probably heard dozens of old wives’ tales and pseudo-scientific advice for cutting onions without tears. Onions are a kitchen staple, but they release tear-triggering gas when cut, and chopping onions shouldn’t be something to cry about. Cut while chewing gum. If it wasn’t so painful, it would probably be pretty cool and quite funny.