So, it can handle the rough terrain and bad weather like a pro. The .270 Winchester is a mildly recoiling round that has more than enough power for most of the sweet spot in the moderately sized and big game sized animals. On top of that, he was able to make his target and recognize it in a low-light setting. The factory Remington barrel tenon (left) compared to the factory Winchester tenon (right). If you have a good idea of what your dream rifle should look like, then you can select one of these five rifles to be close enough for you. Zero Take Up. It is also very applicable to the big game animals within reason. The only flaw that I can find is that the length of pull seems to be be about 1" shorter than stock although the alteration is unnoticeable. There is perhaps no other cartridge that is specifically a civilian, hunting cartridge that has consistently sold as well as the .270 Winchester, year after year since its inception. It’s best suited for literally every animal between 175 pounds and 750 pounds. If you want something that will stand out as one of the longest-lasting rifles you’ll ever own, you may want to consider giving this one a closer look. OUR TOP PICK: Browning - X-Bolt Composite Stalker 22IN .270 Winchester 4+1RD RUNNER-UP: Remington 700 SPS .270 Win. Savage 116 Trophy Hunter XP, Bolt Action, .270 Winchester, 22" Barrel, Nikon BDC Scope, 4+1 Rounds. It is a great scope and a rifle that is powerful enough to knock down your next big trophy. I have sold 100’s of Sako’s but never seen this gun before. The .270 Winchester was released in 1925 chambered in the Model 54 bolt action rifle. Ended: Oct 31, 2020. Most rifles can be used for general purposes. Christian. If you want something that can handle the rough outdoor environments and delivers a powerful punch like nothing else, the Remington 700 SPS might be exactly what you’re looking for.What Could Be Improved and Why Since there are no sights on the rifle itself, a scope mount should be added on. And now is your chance to snag this rifle for your use. I have sold 100’s of Sako’s but never seen this gun before. It's a necked down 30-06 case. Not that the .30-06 will obliterate the deer like the .308 would the squirrel, but that the cartridge is too much for it. Description: Shooters and collectors, this is a seldom seen Sako L61R Varmint in 270 Winchester. The Mossberg Patriot weighed almost 9 pounds with a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x 40mm scope, which made bench testing quite comfortable, even with the most potent heavy-bullet loads. Their entire lineup of firearms is, on a whole, better than the best of most manufacturers at the price point. The average barrel will usually measure between 20 to 24 inches in length. They were able to control the rifle, absorb a good deal of recoil, and still feel how powerful the rifle was. For example, polymer is one of the more popular materials for buttstocks. Quick View. Free shipping. Granted, the .270 has a good amount of reach, to where you can knock down a paper target from a good 500 yards or more. With no baggage whatsoever. Everyone is familiar with the In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a cartridge or a set of rifles that can consistently perform in the field for hunting purposes better than the .270 Winchester. GI#: 101592599. Web Pro. … Creep is the … Part of the reason you would want to pick the .270 Winchester over something like a .30-06 Springfield or other (by the way the casing for the .270 is a necked down .30-03 which is the same as the .30-06’s parent case), is the amount of meat destruction that comes with a higher powered cartridge with a bigger projectile, when you don’t actually need it for 95% of what you are actually trying to hunt with an intermediate cartridge anyways. Some of the smaller cartridges than can do SOME of what the .270Winchester can do, still cost more anyways because they aren’t as widely available or they are still baking the price of heavy front loaded marketing costs into the cartridge. This gun begs to be shown off and complimented ad nauseum. Those who are ready to buy a .270 Winchester and want to spend under $1k and want a best in class offering. If you need to upgrade to a new caliber, why not give the .270 a chance and make the most out of your next hunting or target shooting adventure? The Savage Model 110 in .270 Winchester is a no-frills bolt-action rifle designed for engaging targets at long range. The smaller projectile, the readily available brass, the high commercial volume, all these things drive the price down further than competitive cartridges (most of which are larger and have a higher intrinsic price because of material costs. But my lighter Remington 7600 pump action .270 had been my main deer rifle for years works great for me. As you read over each one, take notice of any specific features of each rifle. It’s a great addition to this heavy-hitting rifle. The faster you can knock down a big game target, the better. Compared to other .270 rifles, it stands out as the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to deer hunting. w/ Nikon Scope, Best Gamo Air Rifles of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide, Best 22-250 Rifles – [2020] Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. of meat behind it. We feel confident that if you are in the market for a .270, or if you are just starting your research on the rifles in this chambering, that our content can help you to make the best decision. ... Remington 783 Synthetic Heavy Barrel Rifle | 85765. One user said he was able to hit his latest whitetail deer from about 300 yards out. Of that assertion, we are proud. The Browning BLR is a magical platform for hunting in the right conditions. ... Savage Axis Factory 270 Winchester Barrel 22” 1-10 Twist. Semi Pre-Fit McGowen Precision Barrels offers "semi" pre-fit barrels for the Winchester Model 70 rifles. Lever gun fans, or those that already have a lot of bolt guns and want something different. Now, let’s begin the list by unveiling our best overall choice: Most new buyers were looking for a rifle that gave them a better chance at hitting a deer from some impressive ranges. Plus, it will be used by those who want the total package in one rifle. The first thing that impressed them was the firepower. ... Savage 10FCP HS Precision 308 Win 24" Heavy Barrel. You don’t hunt ground squirrel with a .308 for obvious reasons. $149.99. You pick the .270 Winchester because it’s enough gun, and it keeps the integrity of the meat in place. At the end of this article, we think you can easily decide which is the best .270 Winchester rifle for you. Manufactured by E. Arthur Brown Company with special attention to detail, precision, and the materials necessary to enhance accuracy. No matter what you hunt, this rifle will fulfill all your hunting needs. Reproduction of any portion of this website only at the permission of GunandShooter. Item currently sold out . It’s not a one-off, cool-guy cartridge that only sells in a single region, or only works for enthusiasts. Both barrels with the exact same load pushed the 140s @ 3190 FPS. Barrel tenon’s dimensions in hand, we can start fitting the barrel. End Human Trafficking. Sure, it’s an $800 rifle and that’s not a simple purchase for many, but if you want best in class for the money, this is the option you go with. The calibers, the design features, but most importantly the quality. The Model 70 is my bluebird weather rifle, and the Model 700 is for rainy-day hunts. A lot of users have complained about not being able to make quick on-the-fly adjustments. The cartridge is also a sufficient size to rip through hide and crush bones. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Constitutional Conservative. More specifically, you’ll be dealing with a rifle that can knock down big game targets like deer or elk. I'll post some pictures and a more complete discussion later - I'm in the middle of something rather important. The.270 Winchester is most commonly referred to as a 'hunting round.' As mentioned, the maximum reach of a .270 rifle is up to 500 yards. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at I had a Winchester pre 64 Model 70 in .270 Winchester that has a 24 inch barrel and this rifle was for me too heavy for my like's so to speak I did kill 2 deer with it. We’ll also be talking about which characteristics and features are best for making a rifle stand out among the rest. What is a .270 Winchester Rifle best suited for? Again, depending on the rifle used and which .270 cartridge it is paired with, the effective accuracy will vary. From a hunting perspective it is the quintessential intermediate sized game animal cartridge. The adjustable trigger is superb. It's pretty purpose built. That takes nothing away from the rifle manufacturers or the guns in general, but the real power in the .270 Winchester is that it is a traditionalist’s cartridge. The only reason that the .270 Winchester doesn’t SEEM as popular, is that it’s not as sexy as some of the more “innovative” products on the market. I am seriously looking to purchase what I consider to be a very original pre '64 Model 70 Varmint rifle with a heavy barrel and a period mounted scope using factory holes. For example, the barrel length will vary. It has a long history of being the best and the rifles that shoot it are spectacular, in general. The best .270 rifle is out there. The bargain shopper, who still needs a crisp, clean trigger pull and a wants good value for their dollar but hunts legitimate targets. One thing that stuck out was the quality of the scope. The volume of shooters is growing as more people realize that to get the same value they get for the .270 while in the field, they have to bruise their shoulders, spend more per shot and damage meat they wouldn’t ordinarily be damaging with the .270. The Super grade finish and options makes this a gun you’ll be proud to own, and pass along through the next several generations, long after you are gone. Either way, a great .270 is one of the best rifles you can use for target shooting, especially when you’re dealing with something that has a little bit of “oomph” to its firing ability. If you found any image copyrighted to yours, please contact us, so we can remove it. Remington 783, Bolt Action, .270 Winchester, 22" Barrel, 3-9x40mm Scope, 4 Rounds. The wood has some marks and from the bolt I don’t think it was ever shot a lot! 6 watching. You will pay 50% now, and be invoiced for the remainder when your barrel is ready to ship. Winchester will not even work on/replace WSSM barrels on any of their old Winchester rifles. If you’re looking for a .270 of your own, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the five best rifles currently on the market. Shilen Barrel Blank 270 Caliber Centerfire Product Family #: 1554117668 ... and large or heavy items still apply. When you get your project done pick out a heavy contour plinking rifle that likes shooting 20+ rounds without getting hot and shoot it like you stole it, save the .270 for your hunting days. These are our recommendations for the best .270 rifles: The following is a list of the five best .270 rifles currently on the market. If you’re looking for a hunting rifle that can go the distance and take on some seriously big targets, this is the rifle to go with.What Could Be Improved and WhyWhile it is quite the powerful rifle, it may be wise to reduce the weight of the rifle a little bit. This is a slightly reduced length of pull and can be used by adults and some bigger youth as well. The added expense, the added recoil, the added headache doesn’t do anything more than what the .270 Winchester does from a “taking game down” perspective. Pre-fit replacement Savage barrels are pre-threaded and ready to install on your Savage 10/110 or Savage Axis. We recommend you follow a similar formula while looking for your rifle. After reading, for me at least I’ll be looking more into the “Savage Arms Axis” and “Beretta USA – Tikka T3 Hunter.” The price points will be good for me, as well as durability. Josh Lewis the managing editor at Gun Mann and when he isn't writing about guns he is more than likely tinkering with them. A truly special rifle for those who don’t just want the standard bolt action hunting rifle. More specifically, we’d like to address the “almost ready to buy” reader of this article: You’ve made the right choice if you are a looking for an all-purpose, “can’t go wrong” choice that has lower recoil and all the power needed to shoot 90%+ of game on the North American continent. To find the best rifle for your use, you’ll need to know the characteristics and features that make one stand out among the rest. It’s made from high-quality materials, provides excellent shooting ability for hunting purposes, and can take on the abuse and impact of bumping and banging around. The article here will be very specifically looking at classically styled American hunting rifles (with a couple foreign made options in the mix) that fit into the mold that the .270 Winchester cartridge has crafted for itself over the past 90 years or so. Every major manufacturer of hunting ammunition produces at least one variant of .270 Winchester. The figure on the wood stock alone is worth coveting. .264 Winchester Magnum Featherweight Barrel - 1958-1963 - 98% — Regular price $299 .270 W.C.F. Thoughts of others on this cartidge’s wear on barrels and if that is a quality worthy of the discussion. But first, we’ll be covering a lot of ground regarding the .270 rifle’s abilities. Savage is really making inroads as the industry leader in price point and yet, their value remains significant with a great trigger, very good accuracy, and durable builds. Trigger System has no take up because the take up spring keeps the triggerpiece in constant contact with the actuator.. Rifle barrels are often described as heavy (varmint/target), medium (sporter), or light. What you should get is a 26" barrel if you want the .270 Win to fulfill all that it was designed to do. The .270 Winchester is a mildly recoiling round that has more than enough power for most of the sweet spot in the moderately sized and big game sized animals. When the.270 Winchester appeared in 1925 as one of the rounds in the company’s new Model 54 bolt-action rifle, the chambering … Winchester 1300 And 120 12ga. The wood has some marks and from the bolt I don’t think it … Plus, it’s built to reduce a great deal of recoil. The shooting accuracy was on-point and the firepower was sufficient to knock down many big game targets.Why it Stands Out to Us This rifle is equipped with a Bushnell scope. If you want a rifle that will be your best hunting buddy for a long time, then this is the rifle you’ll want in your arsenal. You can finally get into the Weatherby ecosystem for under $900 now, and it’s a whole lot of gun. Why punish yourself unnecessarily? Take up is the distance the triggerpiece travels prior to the sear moving toward release and the shooter feeling resistance. But the .270 Winchester is one of the best legitimately specific hunting cartridges in American history and it was only introduced to the market in 1925. This Winchester M70 is a bolt-action rifle with a 22" silver barrel and 3.5" muzzle. POTUS? The new Model 70 M.O.A. It has a 26 inch heavy profile barrel and a composite stock. If it's good enough for you and your purposes, go for it.Bottom LineThe Remington 700 SPS .270 Win proves itself to be one of the best .270 rifles in the business. Item currently sold out. This rifle has all you need for a day of deer hunting. Mossberg Patriot Combo, Bolt Action, .270 Winchester, 22" Barrel, 3-9x40 Scope, 5+1 Rounds. The length of a .270 rifle will depend on some factors. H&R Handi Rifle 270 Winchester Barrel Scope Base. Barrel weight and diameter. The Remington tenon is longer, has 1 1/16″-16 threads and a .150″ deep bolt nose recess on its face. Included with the rifle were the boilerplate instruction/safety manual and a gun lock, which quickly found itself in … Winchester 1300 And . The fact that these options on this list of the best .270 Winchester rifles are all redeeming choices in their specific areas of specialty means that no matter your budget or your inclination towards rifles, you will be able to easily find a capable, high end performance machine to hunt with. We look forward to introducing you to the storied round that is a must have for any seasoned hunting family, if you’ve never been exposed to the cartridge, and we look forward to talking shop about the .270 Winchester with you if you’re an old pro just reading up on one of your favorite cartridges. Here are a few common uses where a .270 rifle will come in handy: Of course, we’ll take a look at hunting. That’s because it is proven to absorb a lot more shock than wood stocks. When you are shooting for the chest trying to destroy the lungs, to dispatch a game animal, you don’t also need to destroy 40 lbs.

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